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[News] Unidentified Corpses Discovered in the Shroud

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[align=center]Unidentified Corpses Discovered in the Shroud



Near Bentbranch Meadows, three bodies were found in an outcropping shrouded within the Twelveswood following a strange fluctuation of aether last week. Two Hyurans - male and female - and that of a bear; By all accounts, the dead surfacing in the woods is not an uncommon occurrence, save for when it involves plants having taken root in their bodies, post-mortem in a ravaged state. Expert botanists and well traveled investigators were contacted to assist in making sense of the scene. 


One professor ,Ivanich Klemford, was cited for commentary. "I've never seen anything like this, though from what I might gleam of the wither in flowers protruding from the victim's eyes, and the flayed stalks that took root within the bodies, it is clear to me that a parasitic relationship had formed in which the plants had derived life - however cruelly established the form - from their hosts; I cannot speak for the inspectors who as yet have no leads as to the reasoning behind obvious signs of battle, but I can attest that in my twenty years of studying all that is green and Godly, I've not seen any such seedling as these. I should like to rule out the possibility that any more linger, but with flora so abundant in the Shroud, I would encourage everyone to report the slightest discomforts to your nearest menders for examination until this incident is resolved."


The two desiccated Hyurs have yet to be identified by name, and the investigation is as yet on-going. Any and all information should be brought to the attention of the local authorities.


Article: Shinolo Nolo

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