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Jovial old Hyur LF grandchildren

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I'm looking for RP connections for a couple of my characters -- one is in the works of being set up and I'm looking for familial connections which I'll then work his backstory around, while the other is quite reserved and difficult to find spontaneous RP for, so I'm looking for kinda just anyone interested in interacting with him.


[align=center]Rothe Cooper[/align]

Currently, my biggest want for Rothe is to establish a family, particularly grandchildren (midlander hyur only, please, unless you have a specific outside reason (adoption being the primary one I can think of)). I intentionally don't have a wiki page for him yet, as I'm going to work his details around whoever ends up being family. Bonus points if your character is an adventurer, but their parents were [every day life occupation like farmer or merchant], though really, I'm up for just about anything. Please note that ideally I'd like him to have multiple PC grandchildren (or possibly even a few great-grandchildren, so just because someone else has replied doesn't mean I'm not looking for more.


Other interesting contacts I'd love to build could be old adventuring buddies, if they're still around (keep in mind they could have been adventurers anywhere from 14 years ago to 60 years ago). This is a less urgent want than grandchildren, but something I'd absolutely love to explore anyway.



(Relatively) brief backstory:

Rothe was an adventurer in his prime, never settling down in one place. Eventually he met his wife, [Wife Name], a fellow adventurer, and the two hit it off explosively. It started with arguments in the party, and ended with a relationship that would last decades. The two eventually had [number higher than three] children, though they didn't settle down, choosing instead to [raise them on the road? leave them with a nanny? something else entirely? This is where you come in; I want to try and fit it around your character's parent's life].


About 14 years ago, [Wife Name] contracted [health issue. serious illness? hereditary mental incapacitation? something else?], and was no longer able to continue adventuring. She and Rothe bought a small [business. probably a farm, but I can make something else work] on the outskirts of [city], and settled down to spend the rest of their years together.


Sadly, those years were numbered, and after 11 years, [Wife Name] passed away from complications of [previously mentioned illness]. Rothe was heartbroken, and could no longer bear to live in the home they'd shared, preferring to remember the happy memories than dwell where he could only see the evidence of [Wife Name] in her weakened state. He sold the [business] and returned to adventuring, citing that 'younglings these days just can't keep the world sorted like they could in my day.' Though he no longer has the required strength to wield a longbow as he once did, he's quickly discovered a knack for rifles and pistols, and has shown great promise as a budding Machinist.







[align=center]Haien Okeya[/align]


Long term, I'm specifically interested in making Haien finally confront his friend's death. In general, though, I'm looking for just about anything. Haien's got the problem of not often sticking his nose where he's not invited, so it's hard to find spontaneous RP on him. I'm happy to brainstorm ideas for our characters to meet, but please keep in mind that if your character is super shy and withdrawn, it may be difficult to actually keep them in a prolonged RP.


Long-term ideas:

  • I'd like for him to have an undeniable reason to return to Gridania. This could be accomplished in any number of ways, though some are easier than others. Perhaps your character is a long-time and well-paying customer of Haien's, and he can't afford to lose their custom, but they're moving to Gridania (he generally makes house calls for those that can afford to make large/expensive orders). Perhaps your character befriends him, finds out his story, and just basically drags him there by force of will (though this will be a hard task to accomplish). I'm willing to try and work to figure out what's appropriate, though I reserve the right to request a different reason for our characters to meet should I feel the reason provided is too out of character for Haien.
  • Any other reminder works as well. Maybe your character is a female Miqo'te archer. Maybe your character has ties to the Conjurer's Guild. Maybe your character is a gifted singer. Maybe your character just has a particularly upbeat view of life.
  • Haien gets drunk and picks fights (or used to, anyway; he's trying to be better about that now) when he's at his lowest, and usually he loses, so it's not TOO much of a long-term problem. Last time, though, the fight escalated to the point he was forced to win the fight or probably end up dead, so he obviously picked the former. He forced the combatants to flee, but I'd imagine there was some lasting damage to their dignity. It could be interesting for one of them to have a relation who's high up in status. Perhaps they divert business away from Haien, or maybe they hire(d) mercenaries to rough him up/threaten him/blackmail him/whatever else. Tons of potential interesting plot hooks here, be it as a mercenary, merchant, or even just someone who's caught wind of it ad wants to warn him. It's really quite open.
  • More to be added as I think of them?

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Hey there! I'd intended to reply to this quite awhile ago to say hello, but... tax time's a busy time for me, and I got swallowed up by it. But! Better late than never, right? 


Anyway, if you're looking for either character to meet some people, my FC runs a public inn and tavern called Wayfarer's Rest at Goblet Ward 6, Plot 58. It's always open, even if nobody in FC is there doing RP - the NPC Maidservant down in the tavern is named Mitzy and can serve food and drinks to visitors (though feel free to emote her making mistakes, since she's been described as ditzy, but well-meaning). We're around regularly, though, particularly in US evenings, so you'll easily meet some new friends if you swing by. You can always send me a tell to ask if people are there doing RP. :)

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I actually might be able to provide a pre-made family for you. A few things...


  • Story arc is in progress (not moving fast)
  • Story is actually a bit dark, if that's ok.
  • I have a brother & sister pair that I play (one is technically my main). He is still a midlander, she drank a potion to become physically Au Ra with the hopes that it would give her even more magic power than she already had.
  • We are very Ul'dahn, but if you want to be in Gridania mostly... this can be easily set up due to the situation.

If you wanna talk more, feel free to reach out to me in game or through pm here!

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