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Gwannes Oskwell - HUNTER FOR HIRE! - Fat Cat & Co.

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Hey there, RPC. I got a hot tip that there were cool people in this here webzone, so I decided to make a thread.




Born in a land that hated him, Oskwell aspired to become somebody great... and FAILED. Years later, having crossed the land of Eorzea on ill-conceived bird-coeurl hunts, spiritual pilgrimages, and shopping trips gone horribly wrong, Oskwell aspires to become somebody... above-average. After all, when you hunt monsters, the average ones don't tend to live that long, right?


As he finds himself caught up in the middle of age-old mage power-struggles, Ishgardian blood pacts, Eorzea's dodo-fighting underworld, and the odd tea party to boot, Oskwell fights for one reason: to help people. (He also make enough money not to starve to death, but that's a tertiary goal [some pocket change for cat toys wouldn't be bad either].) However, on the treacherous continent of Aldenard, home to the deadly beastkin of the Shroud, the harrowing ashkin of Thanalan, and the cunning scalekin of Coerthas, this hunter's greatest opponent is... anxiety!


Personal Details!

  • Name: Gwannes Oskwell
  • Race & Clan: Midland Hyur
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Guardian Deity: Halone
  • S/O: Heterosexual
  • Occupation: Monster Hunter




Oskwell was born twenty-eight years ago in a place called Ishgard. Wait, no. Forget I said that. Oskwell was born whatever years ago in a place that was definitely not Ishgard, and that part doesn't matter. The part that does matter is when Oskwell, at the age of twenty and with one less eye working than he was born with, was found face-down and bloodied on the side of the road in Coerthas. Luckily this was before the Calamity, so there was no snow to hide his body or make him look like a marmot or something.


There, he was found by a kindly old traveling merchant, scooped off the road, and spirited away to a small clinic in the Shroud. Though they did their best to treat the vagrant's wounds, he ended up in a deep coma that not even conjury could rouse him from. Many months passed, and the meager staff of the clinic slowly lost hope that he would ever wake up. Then, like a miracle, he woke up... several months after the moon (or rather, that big, mean thing that came out of it) hit Eorzea.


From Oskwell's point of view, he'd awoken to a nightmare. His body had just about wasted away from months of lying motionless in a bed, his left eye no longer worked, and a giant monster came out of the moon and blew up Eorzea holy hell.


Following that, Oskwell bounced around, town to town and job to job. He began his career as a homeless that ate scraps outside the back of the Wailing Barracks, then an actual Wood Wailer. After being discharged from that, he found himself in a cave on the other side of Eorzea, a pit-fighter in the mean streets of Thanalan. Finally, he found himself rescued from that life by a very bald, very eyepatched adventurin' man by the name of Brody. Joining an adventuring outfit known as the Canyon Stalkers, Oskwell's wanderlust is reignited and he finds himself with a newfound desire to actually make something of himself.


This was a number of years ago, and since then, even more's happened. Oskwell's reconnected with his heritage, bid farewell to Brody and countless other adventuring companions, and taken up the mantle of a monster hunter, throwing himself into the jaws of hungry goobbues for fun, profit, and prosperity!




Oskwell could be say to lie somewhere inbetween "a mess" and "slightly less of a mess". All those bumps to the head can't be good for your self-esteem, right? Well, they weren't for Oskwell, and so he finds his biggest day-to-day challenge simply interacting with people without making a fool of himself. It's not an exaggeration to say that he feels more comfortable between row after row of morbol teeth than engaged in a casual conversation with a stranger.


After all, at first glance, how could this perpetually-stuttering, kind-of-cowardly-acting, always-anxious hyur possibly be the accomplished monster hunter he's supposed to be?


Once you get past the inferiority complex, though, Oskwell is a steadfast ally. Despite being utterly terrible at it, he enjoys making friends and meeting people. He finds a natural enjoyment in helping people, and is eager (perhaps too eager, at times) to do so for somebody.


What RP I'm looking for!


Anything! Making friends, making enemies, making mad gil. I'm just as eager to do light-hearted or slice-of-life RP as I am to delve into more serious or dark subject matter, so just ask!


RP Hooks!

Hooks for characters that have never met him before!

  • Oskwell and Friends Hunting Company - A hunting company manned entirely by Oskwell. The "and friends" part is just to make it sound better. Throughout his time living in Eorzea, Oskwell's done his best to spread his name around as a hunter of monster and killer of pests. No job, no matter how small, is too small for Gwannes, and as such he's frequently called in for things like chigoe infestations, slightly rowdy chocobos, and the like. He's available at just about any time through the linkpearl he supplies to clients and potential clients.
  • Dodo Breeding! - Hey, it's a hobby. Oskwell's love of pet dodos eventually grew to encompass more than just keeping one as a pet, and he has a small batch of land in La Noscea on lease from a friend that he uses as a place to breed what he calls "the next great fighting animal of Eorzea". That is, highly-trained battle dodos. Interested in one of these birds? Just give Oskwell a call.



I'm more than open to characters having pre-existing connections to Oskwell, just ask! You could know him from...


  • The Wood Wailers - Oskwell served as a Wood Wailer for three-to-four years before being discharged for unclear reasons. During his time in the Wailers, he was almost a completely different person from the man he is now. He was brash, cocky and much more unstable than he is now. Would this leave them with some unflattering memories of the man? Hell, probably.
  • The Lancer's Guild - There are countless lancers who attend the guild only to hone their skills with no interest in the Wailers themselves. During his time in the Wailers, Gwannes was a devoted student of the guild, hoping to hone his lancemanship in any way he could. This meant making his fair share of friends (not that many) and rivals (plenty).
  • Clan Centurio - Although he's still a fresh face when it comes to Centurio, Oskwell was admitted to the Clan only after managing to prove the existence of the mythical Chicken-Coeurl, a legendarily ferocious mix of a chicken and a coeurl.
  • Adventuring - Have they crossed paths in the past? Was it as enemies, friends, or acquaintances?


Contact Me!


If you're interested in RP, feel free to post here, send me a PM on the forums, or contact me IG or through Skype/Discord. My details are as follows:


IGN: Gwannes Oskwell

Discord: Flashhelix#4004

Skype: sheldonf21

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I didn't at ALL expect to find this page and read the best character summary ever but just LOOK at what's happened.


Point is, Oskwell sounds like a Super Cool Dude and if you ever have any interest hanging with a character who's equally bad at making friends then come find me! :D

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I didn't at ALL expect to find this page and read the best character summary ever but just LOOK at what's happened.


Point is, Oskwell sounds like a Super Cool Dude and if you ever have any interest hanging with a character who's equally bad at making friends then come find me! :D


Thank you! I'll be sure to hit you up next chance I get it. It's always fun to put him around other awkward/aloof characters.


Okay i'll bite, I think there could be something to be done with that wood wailer hook!


Sounds good! I need to get in touch w/ both of you.

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