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Greetings from Behemoth

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Hello Everybody!


First time on the forums (obviously) and I am pretty enthused! 

I am looking to bring some more roleplay to the Behemoth server, because honestly shouldn't RP have a home on every server?


My Character is Oliver Crowley (Olli Krowolli to family) - A Limonsian plainsfolk who's artisan father brought the family to Uldah to seek fortune. Many years on, Oliver now runs a relatively successful company that seeks to uncover relics of the past and find new ways to innovate with them. (Theres a very basic rundown for you)


If you are on Behemoth please feel free to contact me, I've got lots of ideas and would love to see the RP spread.


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I may do that...I'm crazy and made alts on a few servers in the hopes I can find rp and try to contribute to their communities so they can grow and hopefully make a small ripple in making ff rp more accessible for everyone. Though I doubt I can do much I figure every little bit helps.

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