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Brawl breaks out at Waterstrike Medical Clinic

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Brass Blades were call out to Lady Margret's Medical clinic after a drunk miner attack her son, who was tending to him and a midlander.  Both had been brought in after they pair had started fighting with each other in one of the mining camp in Western Thanalan.  It is unclear on what happen with young John, as he was still being seen too by Lady's Margret's student, Mimi.  From what statement release by the Brass Blades, the son was knock out from a blow to his head, and as Lady Margret move to see to her son, the Highlander, Travis Firefist, still drunk, trip on a pack that had been drop when Master John was sent flying across the room.


When Travis regain consciousness, he's alcohol soak brain must had still been adle as he told the arresting Blades on the way back to Ul'dah that a wild coeurl had attack him.  Once he was sobbed his memories were of what happen had faded with the alcohol.  He is being charge with assault and battery and drunk and disorderly conduct.  Master John himself seem to have recover from the incident as he was last seen heading for Black Brush station later that evening.

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