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ISO New Friends, Family, & Ex Husband for Necromancer

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[align=center]Hey there!  So, I have this new Character Meda Taralom that I've been RPing.[/align]





Age: Looks 35 (Very, very old)

Race: Hyur

Skillset: Necromancer

Social Class: Wealthy Socialite



I'm looking for friends and/or enemies for her.



A short list of possible friends:

  • Rich People to talk about fashion and go to fancy parties with.
  • Necromancer Friends for summoning the dead parties.
  • Meek Men to corrupt and mentor into being powerful, confident and strong.
  • Family Member, close or extended.
  • Open to any and all other suggestions.

A short list of possible enemies:

  • Mage Hunter that disapproves of her use of Dark Arts
  • Ex lovers from relationships of days past.
  • Family Member, close or extended.
  • Open to any and all other suggestions.

I'd also like to add it to her backstory that she has an ex husband.  It'd be wonderful if the ex was an actual character in the game that she can have witty banter with from time to time.  


Going hand in hand with the ex-RP, I'd also be interested in time-travel RP, RPing out how they would have met and been together and then eventually divorced all those years ago.  Could do this in a googledoc or a chatroom on Discord.


Any current aged character is fine, I'll make it work.


(I have a very particular kind of character in mind for who would be able to be an ex husband.  He'd have to be tall, strong willed, a bit overbearing, smart, and able to keep a necromancer like Meda in line... until they split.  Don't be offended if I don't pick you.)

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I'm interested in the ex-husband connection, if you're still looking. I'm "Thrashing Boar" on Balmung. If you'd like to talk more about you can reply here, or message me privately or even in game. He's 32, so he could have been married when he was younger. I'll leave a picture of him here in case you'd like to see him. You have a good one!






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