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Seeking sister and daughter for Roegadyn

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Evenin' folks, I'm looking for two connections: one, a female Hellsguard Roegadyn, and the other a female Lalafell.



First a little about myself:


I'm 'Thrashing Boar' on Balmung, and I'm a Hellsguard Roe in the Thaliak's Eye roleplaying guild. I'm on most every day in the afternoon until late in the evening, though my weekends can be spotty depending on real life circumstances. I partake in tavern, combat and scenario RP often. I'm also fine with past RP, i.e RP that takes place at a point in a character's past to help flesh out relationships.


A little about Thrashing Boar:


"Thrash," as his close friends refer to him, is a hulking desert cowboy. Having spent close to ten years in the Thanalan desert, he's come close to inventing his own language, which sounds an awful lot like the talk you'd hear in an old western. His voice is gruff, he smokes, he drinks and -when there are no ladies around- he spits. His best friend is a monstrous black chocobo he calls "Clementine," who's still wild and untamed. He wanders the land searching for any sign of his daughter, who's been presumed dead for five years.





Thrashing Boar is an established character with several connections already, but let's get into the ones I'm looking for here. I'll also provide some history on how he came to know both connections.


"Well, s'pose I should start at tha beginnin', I reckon. If'n I had ta put a name ta tha yarn o' muh born days, I reckon it'd be 'Tha Lonesome Boar; all tha purdy birds..." -Thrashing Boar


'Thrashing Boar' was born in 1545 in Abalathia's Spine, and came of age alongside eight other Hellsguard, all born close together in one of the clan's few resource rich periods. A mischievous generation, these troublemaking younglings were nevertheless the pride of their time, known from a young age for their incredible tenacity and teamwork when hunting together. All in Boar's generation had the good fortune of being the first born of their lines, all except one female, born in 1547.


By 1562 tension between "The Eight" and the older members of the clan had reached a head. The boom of resources enjoyed in the earlier years had since dwindled, and several in the clan believed the second born female of the Eight had a responsibility to leave her home, freeing up resources for the next generation.


Adding to this, the pressure from the clan for the group to move into their eventual roles as guardians of fallen souls had mounted, and few in the Eight held interest in following the traditions of their progenitors.


And so, in 1562, the juvenile gang of Roegadyn fled their mountain home for Eorzea, ridden with angst and determined to find their own destiny. Led by the lone second born, they followed the tales of wealth and prosperity to Ul'dah in the hopes of becoming a famed mercenary guild.


With the abundance of mercenaries at the time however, Thrash and his kin swiftly found Ul'dah to be harsh and unforgiving to out-of-work sellswords with no reputation, and the group became outlawed from the cities of the sultanate after several failed attempts to end their poverty by wresting prosperity from wealthy merchant caravans. Pushed back to the Sagolii desert, the Hellsguard took the name "Aces & Eights" which originated in a card game that had invented as children.


The band of would be criminals were led by their female Roegadyn, whom happened to be Thrash's younger sister, affectionately called "Jesse." 


Scorned and bitter, Aces & Eights began ambushing countless caravans and slaughtering any who resisted them, finding competition only in the Miqo'te of Forgotten Springs and the displaced Ala Mhigans of Little Ala Mhigo. When their infamy was at it's highest, the Eight's influence stretched as far as Broken Water, and even the surrounding areas of Camp Drybone in the Eastern Thanalan weren't safe by nightfall. For three years, the gang prospered in exile. 


In 1565, on the 26th Sun of the fifth umbral moon, Aces & Eights lied in wait for a traveling caravan transporting wealthy Ul'dahn merchants on the road to Blackbrush station. The events that transpired beneath the moon that night would come to be known as "The Clash at the Clutch."


Jesse gave the order, and the gang set upon the caravan without warning, precise arrows bringing down the coach's birds and driver. "Black-Eyed Boar," as Thrash had come to be called, descended with his band like angels of death. It was a veritable circus of slaughter. Men and women alike were struck down without mercy, many begging for their lives. Unbeknownst to the attacking Hellsguard however, an accord had been struck, and from their flank numerous contingents of Brass Blades charged. What would have been Aces & Eight's finest moment was instead their final night as a band, as Jesse had fled in the chaos. Without her leadership, which they'd always had, they never stood a chance.


Thrashing Boar had been tasked with collecting the coin from the caravan's chest, but the battle broke out behind him before he could reach their prize. One of the hardiest of the Aces, "Boastful Lion" caught the attention of the Blades with a shout, and some of his fellow Roegadyn began to rally alongside him, fighting to the end. Thrash had turned to join them...until he caught the muffled sound of a child somewhere amongst the caravan's corpses. Thus far unseen in the cloud of dust and dirt, he vowed to join his brothers once he satisfied his curiosity. There, hidden in the back of the coach, he discovered a tiny Lalafell child, hiding from the brutality, her clothes stained with blood. What went through Thrash's mind, only he could say, but with nary a second thought, he scooped up the girl into his arms and fled.


From 1565 to 1572 Thrashing Boar lived on the run, tending to the Lalafell girl that had come to see him as a father and serving as her fiercely protective guardian. She hadn't been old enough at the time to understand what had happened, and just who Thrash had been, but in the absence of her family he was all that she had. Perhaps it was guilt that made him so dedicated to his charge, but whatever the cause, he did whatever it took to keep her alive. For near a decade the hulking Roegadyn and his Lalafell daughter traveled the desert, teaching one another valuable lessons, Thrash imparting strength, and she imparting love.




The first connection I'm looking for is "Jesse," Thrash's sister, and leader of their outlaw gang, "Aces & Eights." There aren't many requirements to fit the role, as long as you're alright with your character having ran a gang and done some less than wholesome things in their past. The particulars of their relationship can be worked out between the two of us, none of it is set in stone.


The second -and most sought- connection is his daughter, whose name has been omitted so that it might be filled with anyone's. This connection is a bit of a stretch, since it requires your character to be an orphan who tromped around the desert with a Roegadyn father. I don't expect many would be willing, but if you are I'd love to talk with you and see what we could work out. I see the potential for truly heartwarming RP with this connection.


Attached is a picture of Thrash, for reference.


I can be contacted here about either connection, though I am most likely in game if I'm at my computer. You can whisper me in game on "Thrashing Boar" or drop me a mail if I'm not online there. Even if you'd rather not connect, thanks for taking the time to hear me out, and have a good one!


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Update: The daughter position has been filled, but I am still looking for his sister. Oh, and he's in also in the market for an Ala Mhigan monk. Preferably an older character to act as a mentor in the art of traditional Ala Mhigan combat. I'd like them to have known one another for quite some time, and in fact they could be -the- Ala Mhigan that first taught the cowboy Roe the ways of the fist!

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