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Sage Emeraude - Elezen in need of connections!

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Sage Emeraude (Pronounced 'Sahj Em-eh-rohd'[sort of]) is a Wildwood Elezen, verging on her 30th summer.




In short, she's a stern, well-spoken woman with a good heart that - at times - beats under a stiff exterior. She's been a dutiful member of the Order of the Twin Adder since a couple years post-Calamity. She's a workaholic, but what time she does have free she tends to spend doing botany, more as a loved hobby than a second job.


She is Lawful Good but has a rough history(I mean who doesn't?) that she's not keen to share with most everyone.


Out of preference, I would like her to meet fellow Adders of any rank, and would welcome the chance for her to hassle the occasional Criminal. Other than that, Gridanian Citizens or others who frequent the Shroud would be best! Race and gender don't matter, as she treats everyone equally until they give her a good reason to do otherwise. 


I'm open to most types of RP as long as it isn't especially morbid or disturbing(and I'm not looking for ERP, either!). I'd love for her to be involved in a plot, and while she /is/ in an FC already it's a friend thing, and I would love to put her in an FC that she fits in IC'ly!


My timezone is PST (UTC -7), and I'm able to log on most every day though I am busy until early evening on Thursdays and Fridays.


If she sounds interesting enough to RP your character or even your Free Company with, let me know, either through a message on here or in-game(My characters are Admiah Kreiston, Syzih Quowaital and of course Sage Emeraude, so try all three if I'm not on Sage)!


Feel free to shoot me any questions, too!


If you got this far without falling asleep, thanks for reading!:D

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If you're interested in a little friendly banter, she could be a friend of Garza. Garza is a Maelstrom Pirate, but he wouldn't fight against an adder, only make jokes here and there. Alternatively, if you're looking for an interesting and overarching plot, she could join Advent and become a monster hunter to work for all of the grand companies. In either case, I'd love to just have casual roleplay with you, regardless of where it ends up. ^^

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Afternoon! I wonder if you might like meeting my cowboy Roegadyn. He's a reformed criminal, so there's that, but he tends to remain on the right side of the law these days. He's a hard worker as well, and he's scratched out a living in the chocobo trade while dabbling in bird husbandry.


He's a pure gentleman though, which she might appreciate given her nature.


The main reason I think this might have an interesting dynamic, is Thrash is 32, and most of his criminal activities are from ten or so years ago when he and his gang were quite notorious. Technically, he's still a wanted man, but with all the recent events most wouldn't recognize him, giving him a chance to go straight. Should she remember him, there could be a relationship of respect and friendship possibly, but it might be fun if she attempts to bring him in now and then, or teases him about it.

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