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One of the Mhach Bosses Revealed on JP Dev Blog


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So the dev team did one of its usual innocuous blog posts where they talked about testing out the Weeping City of Mhach raid over the past week with a large group. They talked about balancing it and how we'll be fighting crocodiles...




But the kicker came at the end of the post where they made mention that they wanted to leave us with "an impressive scene"...




Oh...oh god why...


(for the uninitiated: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Ozma )

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Interesting! I'm rather conflicted, though. The FFIX fan in me is pleased to see Ozma show up in FFXIV but on the other hand Ozma was notorious in terms of difficulty and I think it'd be pretty cool to get a Minstrel's Ballad version so he (it?) can be fought at the 'right' level of complexity and difficulty.


I do love the overall look of Mhach though. It seems like it'll be another very visually impressive raid.

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Here's hoping the rewards for fighting this Ozma are WAY better than in IX.


To be fair, Ozma was the most difficult boss in the game. Once you beat him there was no reason to think the rest of the game had anything on you (even Hades is frightened if you fight him after fighting Ozma) so there was no need to give you a huge reward. Most older games with superbosses did this (see also: Nemesis in FFX)

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I don't mind if the planet Jupiter is asking for an ass-kicking, but if this thing was a super boss in its original appearance, what does that mean for the third raid in the VA storyline? A fully power-upped Diablos seems too predictable.

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I'm guessing the thing in the coffin will be the final boss, and diablos will be boss 3 of that raid.


But still, at first i was sort of "We're going where? this feels dissapointing after where we went last time" but.. It's grown on me, especially after looking at the interior parts, quite the interesting place.

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