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Aiobhelle Yvven- Xaela seeking a past connection for background

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I am seeking a Xaela from the Kagon tribe who wouldnt mind being incorporated into my character's backstory as a past friend/sibling.


Im going off the premise that Aio doesnt know whether any of her family, or tribe were left alive/free when they were attacked by Garlean forces. She has come to terms with this, and is no longer actively seeking out any of the remnants of the Kagon, but should this person surface, she'd likely be overjoyed by it. I have no ideas set in stone as of yet as id like to talk things out with anyone interested.

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As someone who RP's with Aiobelle often I can attest to how interesting RP'ing with her is. Her character is an interesting mash up of cool ideas, and often when you think she might go left, she goes right, keeping a scene moving along in well written, captivating fashion. I can't fill her position myself, but if you're wondering at all if it would be worth it to invest in a connection I absolutely reccomend doing so. Some truly adorable and fascinating RP to be had!

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