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Legendary Steelworks [Brynhildr]


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Legendary Steelworks is a roleplaying Free Company located on the Brynhildr server. There are several different ways that rp is handled within the Free Company, and in order to explain it correctly, you have to know where we come from.


Legendary Steelworks was born from a few members of the Black Label Society who wished to create adventures and riches from searching lost allagan ruins, or any leads to unknown devices of unknown power. The Steelworks factory is part of the Black Label Network, a series of Free Companies that originated in the Black Label. In essence, this thread is to recruit for more than just a linkshell and/or free company. It's more like a small community!



[align=center]Black Label Society [/align]

The Black Label is always looking for new faces. This group of miscreants find themselves doing the odd jobs that nobody wants to do, and getting it done by any means necessary. They have fought their fair share of voidsent, a supposed Ascian, knocked out a few primals, and the list goes on and on. The story behind them is rather long, but to see the stories, please see the website and what we're all about.


From a FC standpoint, there are a few amenities that BLS has to offer:

  • Rank 8 FC with over 200k credits for use in actions, special furniture, diadem, etc.
  • Large Mansion located in the Goblet. The "Sanctum" is home to the Society's members, and a gathering place for many.
  • Growing airship fleet for use to go into the Diadem, get special resources, and the workshop to create those unique housing items~!


[align=center]Legendary Steelworks [/align]

As I've stated before, we're a group of treasure hunters who are employed by the lovely Lilian Steel. Bringing her passion of allagan tech into a career, she hires teams of people to go and grab artifacts that have been found throughout the realm. Her most recent excursion involved ripping the horns off a partially formed Ifrit for use in a weapon she had been smithing. Due to recent events, her team has grown rather small, and feels as if her factory is about to go under. However, she won't give up her baby without a fight, and so searches for more able bodies to bring the Steel name back to where it belongs: on top.


Legendary Steelworks amenities include:

  • Rank 8 FC with near close to 200k credits. These are currently being saved up to use with company actions, and purchase items needed to further upgrade our airship fleet.
  • Medium house located in the Goblet. Fit with an infirmary, bath-house, bar, and workshop for smithing.
  • Level 50 airship fleet, and workshop. We are currently fitting several ships to bring back Iron Spoils (yay Zuu~!). Once our ships are outfitted, we're going on to housing glams!



[align=center]Black Label Network (BLN) and Lorekeepers (LK) [Linkshells][/align]

These are the two linkshells that are most often used by those involved with rp. Both are OOC (Out-Of Character) linkshells, used for social purposes, recruitment, etc. When a rp is about to begin, Lorekeepers becomes the pages with which we write upon. This allows people to not having to feel obligated to join our FCs in order to be a part of the story. The BLN is in constant use in order to keep our FC alliance in contact with each other. It allows us to be our own separate entity, while at the same time being a community in one common passion.


Linkshell amenities include:

  • Social linkshells to have fun, foster friendships and talk OOC-ly about rp!
  • Party finder to fill in those holes for end-game content, dungeon level grinds, or just every day shenanigans!
  • A place to have rp in an open setting to allow anyone and everyone to jump in if they wish to join!


[align=center]How to Get Involved?[/align]

It doesn't take much to get into any form of our rp here on Brynhildr. You can reply below here for me to contact you in-game and discuss any further comments/concerns. You can also contact J'nessa Gevair (leader), Lilian Steel (J'nessa's alternate character), Miyako Fubuki (myself, second in command), Serim Gevair (Officer in BLS), or Liavelle Sailmet (Officer of BLN). One of us is usually online throughout the day. We are generally more active during the late afternoon/evening hours, but keep trying. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me~! We look forward to seeing our community, and our families, grow!

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Bumping this up and letting people know that we are planning a Gold Saucer event for either this weekend or next weekend (date is still being determined). We are fairly active, and it would be a good time to jump in and say hello~! :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Gold Saucer RP hit off rather nicely. Had quite a few people enter throughout the day and it was a good time! Look forward to updates! I'll be sure to change the layout here to better suit for people looking to see upcoming events. :)

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