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[News] Diary Found Detailing Life at Sea During the Time of Allag

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A local gardener of Gridania yesterday unearthed an old book well-preserved dating back to the time of the Allagan Empire. The book was discovered while he was uprooting flora under a tree to plant spring blooms.


When interviewed, he had the following to say: “I knew right away it was something special. It was covered in a thick leather placed inside this ornate metal container.”


The unidentified metal is now being analysed by experts as is the diary.


The Historical Society of Ancient Texts and Scriptures has since come back with some enlightening answers on the contents of the book. Parts of the ancient writing were deciphered and found to be a diary, in fact, written by a young man out at sea describing life and daily activities to his beloved.


We have not found anything so detailed, much less extraordinary, on an account of seafaring life during this time. That this is all written as a hallmark to a beloved makes the find all the more enchanting.



Author: Lorraine Ashdale

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The water could be heard slapping against the docks as Paul walked the lower levels of Limsa Lominsa. He took a moment to lean against an exterior wall and look over the newspaper. Often he checked headlines and articles to see what pertained to the latest case he may be working on.


This article caught his eye. Though it was small in word it caused a large reaction within Paul. The more he read of it, the more his chest felt as though it would cave in.


That book... the one she put in her bag with the coral. This must be it. It has to be.


He thought back to a distant memory he relived quite vividly only days ago. He pictured a teenage girl with long white hair place a piece of white coral and a book with leather wrappings into a shoulder bag. Much was beginning to return to his mind. He knew if he was going to make sense of it then he would need that diary in his possession.

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