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LF members of the Maelstrom, Pirates etc.

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Hi all!


I started a thread on this a while back but it's long since been collecting dust in the depths of the forum. The plan was to get a group of people together in a linkshell who were interested in RPing members or other associates of the Maelstrom. As you might have guessed, it didn't exactly take off :3


And so, here I am! My character Soren is looking to join the Maelstrom and it'd be great if I had other people to RP such a scenario out with. I'm not looking solely for other members of the Maelstrom either. Any character who'd brush with them, oppose them, seek their assistance etc are all people I'm interested in meeting!


So! Look for me in game as Soren Kha and let's see what we can sort out. I don't bite, I promise.

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I play a current Storm Captain. When she's not buying information or working angles for the Maelstrom in Thanalan, she and her Levy protect the trade routes between Vesper and Limsa Lominsa. So if you need that sort of connection lemme know! I'm always down to do more Lominsan RP for Sounsyy.

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Nebula does some special work for the maelstrom, from dealing with unsightly rashes to investigating the strange and bizarre. It is a great theme to run some stories under.


So I will keep an eye out when I am Limsa way.

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Wow, thank you all for getting back to me. I'll add you as soon as I'm on next, so long as that's ok with you all.


Garza I think we're already in a linkshell together, so I'll just steal your details from there.

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Ooo Naja would definitely be interested. She's a member of the Maelstrom but also her mother is a former pirate. I'd love to do something piratey with her since her character's always been a total cinnamon roll. Hit me up on naja_eloquie on Skype or Naja Eloquie in game. :D

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Hmm, can we make this a thing? Maybe pick an event to do Pirate at?


I sometimes go along to Wayward Star Bar evenings that are quite Pirate themed, I have even seen some on this topic there ;) . I even hired them for a mission to dump a mostly dead body at sea.


Anyone else got any event ideas we could Pirate at? 



A Pirate's life for me


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I remembered this thread and saw it was abandoned again with no real conclusion! So being the daring sailor I am, I'll bring it back from the depths to re-open this discussion/interest check with an announcement, seeing as it's honestly not big enough to warrant its own thread.


I started a Linkshell for anyone willing (and gods permit have space) to join one centered around Limsa Lominsa RP or just the entirety of Vylbrand!


The name of the Linkshell is; Knights and Pirates and can be found in the Linkshell List for Balmung.


Or just click this easy link right here:

Knights & Pirates

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So, I know you mentioned 'pirates', OP. -I do see now that it's a bit dated but regardless,


And while you might not be entirely considering sky-pirates; I run a smaller linkshell for a group I'm getting off the ground called Skywardens. We're a sky-pirate crew that runs the flags of Maelstrom. :) More info can be found here if you'd like.



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