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Chaotic-Neutral Antihero looking for Dark and Serious Plots

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A few things to know:


I can tolerate Grindstone RP combat but I'm still T1 at heart and that's my first preference.


My character has been used extensively since start of the new year but he's pretty stagnant in development now. Searching for lore-abiding dark and serious plots meant to test a character's morals and evolve all parties therein.


I don't have a limit or cap on how twisted or demented RP path can go. It's RP. Text. Don't be sensitive about it (but also don't waste my time with every 'evil' plot involving kidnapping raping and torturing female characters to unload your gross neckbeard fetishes all over the place).


If there's an ounce of ooc pettiness being displayed, I'm out, simple as that. I don't get paid anything to be here, so I won't do you any favors of tolerating bullshit. Give me maturity (and hammer me hard if I don't live up to my own standards).


What I'm looking for:


No one specific plot; this can be a short term or long term gig. I need RP that tests my characters now morally grey borders and exposes him to things outside of beastmen slaying, sipping tea in pubs and slice of life. Aelfred's not here to live day to day. He has mead, smokes and women to call on for that. 


The RP can be just with one other individual with intensive 1 on 1, or  it can be an organization, or FC or Linkshell based RP. I'm fairly variable.


You can hit me up if you just need a character to fulfill a role in a plot.


What to do:


PM me or mail me if I'm not in game about your curiosity. Suggest your plot, what you have going on. I can give pointers and directions but I prefer for stories to be mostly written by time of my involvement. I'd like to play a part in the story, I am presently unable to create and generating content on my own.


Or leave a post here if that's your preferred contact method.


Much appreciated,


Aelfred Siegmundson.

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