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[Help Wanted!] Bombard Beach Festival! (Sat. June 25th @ 3PM - 11PM EDT)

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[align=justify]The Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild would like to announce our upcoming summer seasonal community event: The Bombard Beach Festival! This event is an all-day affair, starting at 3:00PM Eastern and lasting until roughly 11:00PM! During this time, come to the Mists beach and enjoy various booths set up by the various Free Companies, Linkshells, and other RP Groups of Balmung server! There will be mini-games, goods and services sold, concessions and refreshments, performances, a Beach Bombardball (think beach volleyball!) tournament, and a fireworks show put on by Gold & Glory to wrap it all up!


If you're part of a group or company that would like to get involved in the Festival, we are absolutely looking forward to working with you! Just check out the general information about the event listed below, as well as the information provided for those looking to run a booth / performance, and then fill out the simple Registration form to be added to the list![/align]





[align=center]FESTIVAL INFORMATION[/align]


[align=center][ DATE ]

Saturday, June 25th, 2016.


[ TIME ]

Festival begins at 3:00PM EDT / 12:00PM PDT.

Festival ends at approx. 11:00PM EDT / 8:00PM PDT.



The Mist, Beach, Ward / Subdivision TBD.[/align]


[align=center]The complete list of festival information can be found HERE.[/align]

[align=center]The list of currently registered booths & shows can be found HERE.[/align]





[align=center]WANT TO HOST A BOOTH/SHOW?[/align]


Are you part of a Free Company, Linkshell, or other RP group that would like to put up a booth or put on a performance of some sort at the Bombard Beach Festival. We would be thrilled to have you! In fact, it is your participation that will ultimately make this community event possible! So if this sounds like something that's right up your alley, check out the following two links for more information and to submit a short registration form:


[align=center]The information for booth & performance hosts can be found HERE.[/align]

[align=center]The booth & show registration form can be found HERE.[/align]


[align=center]( Completed registrations are due by June 11th, 2016! )[/align]





[align=center]COURTESY NOTICE[/align]



[align=justify]We obviously can't stop you from breaking out into a fist-fight on the beach or from you enacting out your elaborate kidnapping plot in the middle of a large number of festival-goers. But boy oh boy, would we ever be grateful if you refrained from such things! The Bombard Beach Festival is meant to be a FUN, CASUAL event -- not a stage to carry out attention-grabbing, show-stopping scenes that will heavily disrupt everyone else around you.


Therefore, please keep this in mind: If you decide to engage in these behaviors and your presence becomes disruptive to others, Gold & Glory festival security will ask you to leave the event area. So don't be that guy! No one likes him![/align]



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Still very much looking for people interested in participating! We've still got two performance / mini-event slots open and pleeenty of room for both Festival and Concession booths!


If your group wants to participate but isn't sure how, feel free to contact me! We can easily help you out with coming up with something that you could do!

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I'm getting together with my contacts to see if I can get help in running a concession booth for a bit for you. If I can't get anyone to assist me I would be happy to fill in helping wherever you need me.

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I could have Chi come sell flowers if you would like. xD I have so many flowers, I just like to make them for some reason.


Tried to come up with an idea before cut off for my group to do a booth, but sadly failed. Work had been killer lately. >.<

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