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Wanted ad : Miqo'te Male seeks passage to Gridania

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"Miqo'te male is trying to travel from the eastern seaboard of La Noscea to Gridania and seeks passage on any vessel willing to take on hired hand or sword for escort duty. If interested or willing, seek out Scaith at the dockside."

As Scaith finished putting the flourishes and the dots into his scrip of paper, he gave a small sigh. It'd been ages since he'd travelled to the lands of his supposed tribe, living in an outlying village near the forest city-state. He'd been there before, and spoken to the current N'unh with no avail about his personal history. Now, after a travel to the peaceful resorts in Costa Del Sol, he figured he'd try his luck again with the chieftain there or at least hear some rumors from the tia in town.

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Scaith glowered over the somewhat gray skies out in the distance, sitting comfortably near the ferry system in Costa del Sol and gave a small sigh. It'd been a day or so now since his piece had been added to the paper and yet not a one had even bothered to come and find him, let alone set sail from the town! He had a small feeling he'd probably have to make the trek once again by foot, which would take much more time and be extensively more dangerous. As he listened to the creak of the dock beneath him, he took a deep breath again, letting a smile appear on his lips at the ocean scents.

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