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Looking for a master craftsman! As many crafts as possible, but epecially BSM and ASM

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Hey guys!

To start off, I meant BSM and ASM as blacksmith and armor smith respectively. Not sure if those are official abbreviations.


Edit- I think I overdid t with all the 'master craftsman' stuff. It's kinda silly to think that someone would RP all of that. I'm really just looking for a good blacksmith.


Doesn't need to be all crafters- just blacksmith at a minimum really, maybe armor smith too.


Checheri Cheri is the head of a merchant family with loose, loose familial ties to THAT Lalafell. A particularly scheming Monetarist that will as of yet remain unnamed. 


Due to this individuals callous deeds, Checheri's company "Mon Cheri," has fallen into disrepute. She previously catered almost exclusively to adventurers, but these brave men and women no longer trust Checheri or her wares. As a result she lost first her employees and then her company in one short week. 


Checheri is used to the high life. As a result she is more than a bit snobby, and tends to look down on others. Although her knowledge of trade and marketing is vast, her knowledge of crating itself is considerably less so. 


However, she has resolved to learn as much as possible about crafting in order to restore honor to her house. She plans to combine this new knowledge with a unique and unusual  PR campaign to once again win over the hearts and minds of adventurers everywhere.


Tl;dr: This is where YOU come in. Checheri is seeking a master craftsman to explain to her the details of crafting, how to gather, desynth, etc. I, the player, also know pretty much nothing about making money in FFXIV or crafting itself. So my reason for this RP is twofold: 1. To further Checheri's story and 2. To learn about crafting myself. As a result our relationship might require some OOC coaching as well, although not too much as I can read guides too.


Oh, and this isn't like a marriage proposal or anything so far as commitment goes. Think of it as a crafting consultant Checheri can get in contact with from time to time, or even just the once. Nothing too crazy!


Let me know if you're interested! 


P.S.- Checheri has been searching for this master craftsman for quite some time. So she will be much relieved to find you!

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