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I really want to RP but I'm wondering if Balmung has any queue times?

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Most servers have queue times when logging in. They can usually be bypassed by cancelling and trying again. (Or load within the minute anyways).


The harder part is getting onto Balmung, which almost always requires a paid transfer these days. A lucky few probably got on when the Aether Datacenter crashed earlier in the day, but server maintenance can end abruptly and without notice and it's easy to miss.


Balmung is likely -the- most populated or at least most logged-in server that FFXIV has. The number of currently logged in users is what determines whether a server is open for creation or not. (Not total number of characters created on that server.)


Depending on the service fee you're paying/time cards, you can transfer up to 8 characters from one server to another for a single server transfer fee. If you do plan to RP/play on Balmung, I'd make as many characters (or at least pick out their names to reserve them) that you'd want, then transfer. As part of being subscribed for 30 days, you'll get a fantasia to change appearance, among other awards.


small edit:


Alternatively, there is RP on some of the other servers, albeit, not nearly as large or open-world as Balmung. You can see the currently active ones we know about on the RPC over in the Linkshell Hall (some may be Free Companies though).

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The only time I have had to wait for more than a few minutes to log in is patch days and the expansion. But I am guessing most servers were like that unless it was a pretty dead one.


Like Unnamed said, you can find small patches of RP other servers - Siren seems to have some. But Balmung is a whole different ballgame. Huge events, open world RP. When I  moved there I was just shocked about the difference.

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