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Letter from the Producer, XLIII


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Hello again to all of you eagerly awaiting FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yoshi-P here, and I survived my flight, allowing me to bring you the forty-third Letter from the Producer from San Francisco! (I don't know why I have to fly everywhere. )


I'm sorry for taking so long to put up this letter, but the news you've all been waiting for is finally here. Assuming no dastardly bugs or server errors slow us down, phase 1 of the beta test will begin on February 25!


The roadmap we released has the schedule set for mid-February, so the start is about a week late. However, the extra time has allowed us to prepare more system features and character options for testing. While you all enjoy the game, I hope you also provide us with tons of feedback like you did during the alpha test.


More information & screenshots here![/align]

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This fills me with glee! :moogle: Look at them wavy locks!


EDIT: Ugh. Was gonna delete this and put it in the other thread, but apparently I don't have permission.


No worries, I just went ahead and merged the threads.



The Roegadyn caught my eye, too. Not what I expected a female Hellsguard to look like.


I like it, though.

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Very likely they'll have face options for the nose thing much like Lalafell and Miqo'te have options for the darker nose~




Though I have to say the first thing I noticed about her is her huge boobs.

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I think Aysun meant 'we' as in 'those of us with Legacy accounts, who account for a very large portion of the current membership of this site, and anyone who applied and was lucky enough to get in'. And maybe some of us would be willing to field questions privately to non-participants in the Beta so long as they're discreet and keep that information to themselves. Who knows?

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I basically meant "we" as in those who get into the first round of beta. That includes Legacy players of course, but I'm assuming SE will be sending invites to non-Legacy players too. And of course it'll be NDA, but NDA doesn't stop me from knowing something, just from sharing that I know it. :)

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