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Sharlayan Miqo'te LF RP connections & friends!

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So, here we have As'koya Renha!


She's a member of the Wyvern Tribe (which you can read about here)

who was raised in Sharlayan by an Elezen.

She has an RPC Page RIGHT HERE and a tumblr HERE (warning, autoplay)



I'm in search of people to RP with! Either casual friendly roleplay, or antagnostic,

or borderline romantic (though I'm not sure if I'm looking for ships for her currently,)

or.. whatever the hell! Just, people to spend ridiculous amounts of time with roleplaying

because that's what I do. Because I have nothing better to do.


Some things that will definitely hook As'koya as a character currently:

  • Your character can use daggers (by extension, is a rogue in character.) She's looking to learn how to utilize them for defense purposes, and could use a teacher.
  • Your character is interested in Sharlayan or anything it produces - primarily, wishes to learn about Astromancy, or about the stars in general. She will talk from sun up to sun down.
  • You're an Ishgardian, as she lived there for a few years. She finds conversation with most Ishgardians very pleasant, as most of them are quite intellectual. Be warned: she finds elezens painfully attractive and flirts more than she needs to. Don't take her seriously, though. I beg of you.
  • Your character is Sharlayan! NEED I SAY MORE!
  • Your character is an asshole, she likes assholes. She likes bickering with assholes, she likes spending time with them, she likes befriending them, and she also likes proving them wrong.

But, there's one thing I'm absolutely interested in! That being:

  • A GODDAMN LONG EXTENDED PLOT OF SOME MANNER. I'm so fucking thirsty for that, I can't even tell you. Oh my god, please, send help.

Anyway! You're welcome to /tell me any time you see me online, friend me, ask for my skype, message me here, do whatever, please, I need friends. ( I have other alts we can discuss as well, if you're not interested in her but are potentially interested in: a traveling bardqote (male,) a goody two-shoes paladin-wannabe xaela (male), or a doman refugee with allagan genes (female.) )

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I have a character who might interest you. He's an Ishgardian lowborn turned retainer to a (player made) noble house. He's absolutely obsseseed with Sharlayan and their intellect and such since he's a book book nerd. His dream is to become someone a philosopher, and he's just beginning his journey as he ventured outside of Ishgards gates to learn anything and all he can. He would love to listen to your characters tale (and may pass out from excitement haha) while jotting it all down in his little journal.

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She could have a fun time with my character, seeing as I'm playing a tribesmen as well, although definitely not romantic seeing as he's definitely several feet below her type, a lalafell haha. Not an asshole type but more lovably ignorant (at least I hope)


Sani Rock is the characters name.


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Oh oh! Pick me~


Aurou is a Keeper Sharlayan journalist and researcher. She's also been learning to use daggers for the sake of self defense, but doesn't take her training very seriously - she's an awful pacifist. She will talk until she's blue in the face and loves to hear stories from others. She's also no stranger to Ishgard, and also frequents Ul'dah and Limsa regions.


I'm more of a late evening/night time RPer, and randomly throughout the weekend (EST), hit me up if you see me! I'm always happy to RP with more people.

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Hell.... I'll bite!


So I've actually been looking for interactions with one of my alts too. His name is Asher, and he is by defitnion an asshole. A cocky, selfish asshole. They might get along! xD If this is any way a plus, he also uses daggers. He's an ex-Rogue (cuz their code is boring) and wanders around Limsa Lominsa while staying at the inn in the Wench. Oh, and his wiki is here in case you are interested :D


I should also note that I can't RP him in-game for obvious reasons, but I'm more than happy to use Skype or the PM system on the forums. Please send me a PM if you're interested! Looking forward to some fun :thumbsup:

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Ishgardian archaeologist, historian, thaumaturge reporting for duty.  Aulsoix Claimane is a minor noble, who left Ishgard when the calamity turned his home of the Western Highlands into a sheet of ice.  He currently does all his research out of an apartment in Ul'dah.  If he thinks she's cut out for it, he's likely to drag her along on an expedition or three.  Which couuuld lead to plot.   Who knows. 



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I volunteer as tribute! 


Mistalv Arroway crashing in! I'd love to she the clashing dynamics of a trained Sharlayan Astrologian befriending and pairing up with a Blind Ala Mhigan Monk. The differences of both the livelihood and the backgrounds they inhabit would be delicious to pit against one another. An attempt to teach someone of Astromancy and the stars above? The price could be the lumps and bruises of a self defense course. All while bickering back and forth.

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Oh, hey! You complimented my elezen earlier today, and here I find this thread!!


If I don't poke yah first, and if you wanna RP with my elezen, Sage(she's an ishgardian expatriate), gimme a poke in-game! I'm usually on my main Admiah, so you might have to send a tell to her. :P

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