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Gridania Story-Go-Round :: 1st Monday Each Month @ 8pm Eastern

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Location:  Mih Khetto's Amphitheater

Day: First Monday of every month

Time:  Starts at 8:00pm Eastern until the story ends


Everyone loves a good story, some even like telling one.  How good are you at telling one when other people participate, though?  Join us for a fun-filled evening of shared story-telling and word-play mischief as we host the Gridania Story-Go-Round every month in Mih Khetto's Amphitheater.


How to Play: The Storyteller Line

The edge of the stage in Mih Khetto's Amphitheater is reserved for story-tellers.  Players are asked to begin by standing in line just in front of the stage to the (House) right of the center (Waymark A) with the first (starting) position closest to center stage.  The Host will begin play at Center Stage, then move once the Introduction is complete.  




The starting player will then take Center Stage, when their turn ends, they will proceed to the (House) left of the stage (Waymark B) and start the line anew on that side.  Play will continue through the available Storytellers with each moving from the line on one side of the stage to the other until all players have had a turn.  The line will continue to flip-flop sides as long as the story is in play.


How to Play: Posting 


The Hosting Story-teller begins our evening with two paragraphs (posts) of introduction.  The person to their immediate left picks up where they left off, continuing for another two paragraphs (posts), so on and so forth down the line until everyone has had their turn.  It cycles back to the Host and we begin the cycle anew!  It continues on through the evening until the story reaches a satisfactory conclusion (decided by the Host) -- or everyone goes home.  Whichever comes first.


We'll be using the Yell channel for story-tellers, so audience RP and idle story-tellers can engage in light roleplay via say and emote between story posts.  


A Few Ground Rules


1.)  Don't be disruptive to play.  Killing off the main character, ending the world, or going off on really wild, unrelated tangents will result in the Host ret-conning your part of the story and you will be removed from the line-up of contributors.  Getting up and moving farther down the line to contribute more to the story also falls under this rule.


2.)  Please be attentive to your fellow story-tellers.  Story-tellers who are marked AFK by the system at the start of their turn will be skipped.  Given the server's propensity to eat posts, each story-teller will be given a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes to complete their two posts.  Once that time limit is reached, we will continue on to the next story-teller regardless of where the story ended up.


3.)  You are welcome to just listen.  As noted, the stage area in the amphitheater is reserved for participants.  Those who just want to listen in and not contribute to the story are welcome to sit anywhere else within earshot.


4.)  Please leave your Personal/Company Storylines at home.  This is intended to be a relaxing, fun evening for folks.  While light, conversational roleplay is welcome bringing in Storylines that detract from the event are not.  All we're asking for is a little bit of courtesy!


Questions, concerns, and ideas are all welcome!  Feel free to leave a comment here or contact me by Private Message anytime.


Story-Go-Round Logs


2016 SEP:  Special Pomvestigator Mogshu and the Case of the Miscreant Missus

2016 OCT:  The Truth of the Terrible Monstrosity

2016 NOV:  A Squire's Test

2016 DEC:  A Shocking Starlight Plot

2017 JAN:  The Monkey & The Rooster

2017 FEB:  Just Another Spellbound Romance

2017 MAR: Special Pomvestigator Mogshu and the Case of the Leperous Khan

2017 APR: An Egg-citing Eggs-periment

2017 MAY: Reminisce Sometime

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I've gotten so many encouraging tells in-game since this was posted!  I'm very glad so many people are excited at the prospect of this event; I'm looking forward to seeing what the turn-out will be like.  Be sure to mark your calendars for September 8th and bring your friends, your Company-mates, and be ready for some story-telling adventure! 



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[align=center]Gridania Story-Go-Round[/align]

[align=center]Episode One[/align]

[align=center]Special Pomvestigator Mogshu and the Case of the Miscreant Missus[/align]



"Out of all the offices in all of Eorzea, the dame had to walk into mine, kupo..."  A large hollow log stood out on the fringes of Gridania, a sign swaying in the breeze that read: 'Special Pomvestigator Mogshu, Private Pomtective.'  A tall Elezen woman with hair the color of new-made honey peered into it, teary-eyed.  "Mister Mogshu, I'm in desperate need of your help," she said.  Being the good soul that Mogshu was, he ushered her into his hollow with a brief flutter of his wings. >>


“Do come in, kupo!” He chirruped.  “Sit, sit and tell me what I can do to help!”  The woman sat upon the small stump within the hollow that served as a chair, dabbing at the corners of her eyes with a kerchief.  "It's... It's my husband, you see, he's gone missing.  I'm dreadfully afraid the Sylphs have led him astray and he's lost within the Twelveswood."  Mogshu beamed.  "Worry not, kupo! This is my specialty!  I promise you I'll find him.  Where did you last see him?"


[19:09]Yvenalise Tachibana: The woman slumped down in her chair and dramatically placed a hand to her forhead as she spoke. "Oh, where to begin, kupo! My husband has never stayed in one place for long for he is always in search of 'the next big thing'. I last saw him when he left to gather honey for one of hs crazy ideas. Apart from the sticky footprints he left everywhere I have not seen pom nor tail of him at all, kupo!" Tears begin welling up in the woman's eyes once more as she offers >


[19:12]Yvenalise Tachibana: Mogshu a pleading sniffle and sob. "You simply must find him, you must, kupo!" Mogshu, with his impish smirk placed a hand on the woman's shoulder, patting at it comfortingly. "Worry not, worry not! You've already given me my first clue, kupo! Those footprints of his will lead me right to him or..." Mogshu pauses as she walks away chuckling confidently. "...My next clue! Sit tight, your husband will be found and back before supper!" With that said and done, Mogshu grabs his hat and flies!


[19:18]Lusasa Lusa: Through the treetops did Mogshu fly, making his way swiftly too the site of the honeyed prints. As the dame had told him, there they were. No signs of the missing husband. While the grass of the forest floor had dried out the mans boots over time, the scent would linger. The keen nosed kupo could track him yet! Through the woods did he chase the scent of honey, till he spied what he believed would be his next clue. The signs of a fight! Torn fabric, perhaps cut away by a knife or wild beast?>


[19:20]Lusasa Lusa: Mogshu knew the texture and design well, these were no scraps of cloth, but the rich design of Elezen clothing. Still, signs of a fight and some of the mans missing dignity did not make a clue. Lucky for him, or perhaps.. Unlucky, did he spy rustling within a nearby bush, and set of beady eyes glowing from within. Was this the beast that had attacked the man? Gasp! He must investigate!


[19:25]Roger Holmes: Mogshu hesitated a moment as he flew ever closer to the bush with the beady eyes, not knowing if this was going to be his last case or not. But his curiosity and determination gave him the courage to keep going. "You there. You saw what happened here, didn't you?" The beady eyes blinked several times as it listened to my words, as if deciding whether to respond or attack, Mogshu praying that it was the former... It was then where it leaped out of the bushes and towards Mogshu!


[19:29]Roger Holmes: As the being leaped out of the bush and towards  Mogshu, its figure began to take shape. Covered in more fur than a moogle and a tail wagging faster than airship propellers, a golden brown dog leaped up and tackled Mogshu into the ground. It was then where Mogshu was licked beyond his control, wiggling to try and break free from the cuddly canine. He eventually did so, flying up and away, the dog barking once before yelping, moving to sniff the fabric. Was this a connection?


[19:33]Graviere Ahnzelek: Mogshu fought back against the cuddly, tickly onslaught, but it was no use- in moments, his fur was thick with slobber! Now very slippery, he wiggled out of the beast's grasp. "What a dreadful fellow!" he thought. "But wait, the dog recognized the scrap of cloth. Could this be the family pet?"


[19:35]Graviere Ahnzelek: Mogshu carefully approached the lick-monster, and let it get a better taste of the scrap. Barking twice, the dog shot off into the underbrush, and Mogshu's little wings struggled to keep up. After several heart pounding minutes of chaos, leaves in the eyes, and sticks in the fur, the pair reached a clearing, where they found…


[19:39]X'ammeha Rose: Ah, but what was a story of adventure and mystery without a trusty side-kick to assist on the way! With his newfound assistant, Mogshu gazed upon that clearing, when... the horror! Shattered honeypots littered the clearing... such a waste! The contents were spilled all upon the land, but what was the riddle in this sticky conundrum, the reason for such a sweet hoarding? Quickly Mogshu and the dog descended upon the seen, one using his finely-trained eye of a professional sleuth to turn the...+


[19:41]X'ammeha Rose: ...scene inside out to find his answers... the other having a veritable feast of succulent sweetness! It was all so suspicious, but perhaps so clear, as Mogshu would begin to reconstruct the scene in his mind, of what it would have been at another time. "Aha, an offering, perhaps for a beast! But what sort of creature would desire such a feast?" was the woman's husband hunting glory, or perhaps the matter disguises a much deeper story!


[19:44]Karaan Nolan: "The two companion studies the scene. The dog mostly running around and barking while our fellow pomtective focus his brilliant mind on the scenery. "The Dog, the honey...but all this are ." He starts to speak out loud when familiar feeling travel through his small and fluffy body. "Almost like someone would..."...


[19:47]Karaan Nolan: "He stops talking and turns around, seeing that his fellow companion was now sniffing the air. "It's a trap!" The Pomtective screams at his new friends, but both was now trap under a net. A seductive chuckle spreads around them when two others moogle, wearing long black hat appears. "We got you Moghsu...now you can't escape our trap!" said one of them while the other was staring at the dog. "You have escape us too many time!" Moghsu narrrows his gaze on them." I should have known," He says....



[19:51]Syranelle Ironleaf: "The Wicked Pomwitch of the West!"  Mogshu fumed, his own fluffy pom quivering in silent rage.  "A trap, you say?  I'm far too clever for your traps!"  He laughed dramatically, little paw raised to his mouth.  "I am the Great Pomvestigator Mogshu!"  He gestured to his canine companion, "And this is... uh..."  He looked uncertainly at the dog.  "Uh.  Dog."  He finished lamely, his wings fluttering in slight disappointment.  >>


[19:53]Syranelle Ironleaf: The Pomwitch waved his paws, hands aglow as he draws upon the surrounding aether and *POOF* the honey beneath their feet turned into a quagmire, trapping Mogshu and his canine companion!  Dog started barking frantically, even Mogshu looked a little dismayed.  "This is a job for... The Moss!"  Mogshu whistled and, suddenly, a goobbue came charging into the clearing!


[19:59]Yvenalise Tachibana: The Pomwitch's jaw drops nearly to the ground as the goobbue stumbles towards them, letting out a drawl of a cry in its wake! "Over here, Moss, kupo!" Shouted Mogshu as he swings around in the net in his own attempts at getting free. Underneath Moss's destructive limbs the net nor the Pomwitch stood a chance! Ropes snapped, hats flew, spriggan ran for cover! The Pomwitch scattered in her panic. "I'll get you next time, Mogshu!" And with nary a trace did she witch make herself scarce, leaving >>


[20:03]Yvenalise Tachibana: Mogshu and the aptly named Dog to revel in their cheers. "...All accordinig to plan." Remarks Mogshu to his canine companion who looked very skeptical of his words. None the less, the pair begins to look over the remains of the scene. Did the Pomwitch take the woman's husband? Had their trail gone cold? Mogshu scratches his chin, humming thoughtfully as he observes and studies the scene with a trained eye. The Dog barks, attempting to get Mogshu's attention. "Not, now, Dog! Clues are to be had!"


[20:12]Lusasa Lusa: Mogshu continued his search, his faithful Dog being quite the buzzing in his ears as he did. Silly Dog! As the Pomtective made his rounds, Dog took it on himself to draw his new masters attention. With some choice digging around in the brush, Dog came across what had caught his scent. A discarded roll of parchment, a little worn and dirty but otherwise quite readable. Well not for him. He was a dog. Taking his prize back to his master he would spit the next clue in the path of the busy -


[20:15]Lusasa Lusa: little moogle. Sure enough, Mogshu spied the paper. "Ah ha! Found you. And what secrets do you hold?" quick as a flash, he scooped up and unrolled the sheet. After patting away the dirt, he scanned the parchments contents. A letter of sale from the nearby Honeyyard, in amounts close to what had brought the pair into their ill fated trap. The buyers signature at the bottom. An Elezen name. A womans name. No, could it be? The thought wouldn't budge, he must go visit her at once!


[20:20]Roger Holmes: Mogshu rolled up the parchment and beckoned the dog to follow him , flying back in the direction of his hollow home, Mossy wandering off to rest on the north side of a tree after the ordeal. Dog would chase after Moghsu as they were playing a game, but Mogshu was filled with determination. This was a game of life. He returned back to his office with the elezen woman still inside, seeing that she still seemed in a depressed mood. But the mogcogs were rotating in his head. -


[20:23]Roger Holmes: Mogshu held the roll of parchment in one hand whilst tapping the other end of it on his other hand as he  slowly flew about in his office. "Found a few things during my investigation, kupo.." The elezen woman looked mildy relieved. "D-did you? Did you find my husband?" Mogshu shaked his head before flying behind his desk, slapping the piece of parchment on the table as hard as a moogle could... Which wasn't much. Intimidation needed some work. He started rolling open the parchment when…


[20:27]X'ammeha Rose: Mogshu gave the most dramatic point he could manage, though the flourish bopped his face with his pom, nevertheless trying to make himself seem larger as his little moogle voice boomed "Tell me! Why is it your name upon this receipt, to lay a trap so thick with deceit?!" he did not sound angry, but his suspicions were ablaze, could he treally trust the woman's sad gaze "This honey I found set as a trap in a clearing, and it is you whom sold it is what I am hearing." Dog barked at the raised...+


[20:30]X'ammeha Rose: ...voices, accusingly one could not know, but one question burned in Mogshu's pommind that he would not let go "To whom did you sell such a particular feast... was it to your husband, you must tell me this at least!" the woman seemed taken aback, was she to be blamed? The least she wanted was such slander upon her name. "Do you think me a liar when I came to you in desperation? My customer did not seem suspicious to my inclination." she was hiding something, Mogshu just knew, but what to do?


[20:33]Kleio Dorne: Mogshu eyed the woman, squinting his little moggy eyes as much as he could, his pom twitching as he formulated a plan.  Floating to a nearby chest, he opened it and pulled out the fabled Star Spangled Subligar of Truth and Justice.  “Touch this kupo and tell me again that you knew not what you were doing when you sold the honey.”  The elezen woman looked back at Mogshu with trepidation, her hand shakily reaching out for the subligar, hesitating a moment before she took the shiny and golden >


[20:36]Kleio Dorne: pants into her hand.  “I swear it, I am not….” The woman hesitated, her mouth opening and then closing as she attempted to repeat the statement that she had given before.  Yet, the Star Spangled Subligar of Truth and Justice would not allow such deception!  Even Dog could sense that something was about to change with this case, and he twirled about in circles, barking excitedly, dancing near Mogshu.  “I…” the elezen woman sighed, realizing that she must now finally reveal the truth..


[20:39]Syranelle Ironleaf: As the Star Spangled Subligar of Truth and Justice resided in her hands, the woman broke down in sobs, burying her face in the cloth.  "All right!  All right!  I did it," she sobbed.  "I couldn't stand him anymore!  Ours was an arranged marriage and I just... His constantly going on about hair and make-up and just making me a 'Beauty Reborn'...!  I couldn't take it anymore!"  Her voice grew shrill, "But how, how did you know?  The Mogwitches were supposed to take care of you!"


[20:41]Syranelle Ironleaf: "Ha!"  Mogshu gloated.  "Those Pomwitches were no match for me!  Wait... WITCHES?  Oh, there was more than one, wasn't there?  What happened to the other one?" Mogshu looked at Dog expectantly.  If dogs could shrug, Dog likely would have, but instead he just whimpered and hunkered closer to the floor.  At the door to his hollow, there was shrill, maniacal laughter.  "AHA-HA-HA...!"


[20:48]Yvenalise Tachibana: Open came the door and in stepped a Twin Adder officer, but not just any officer. It was Corporal Graves, the most crooked officer that Mogshu knew in all of sleuthing years. Mogshu narrows his eyes, puffs out pom and chest as he stands between him and the guilty woman. "What are -you- doing here, kupo?!" Officer graves puts out his cigarette on the wood of Mogshu's office hollow. "Stow it Mogs, the lady is coming with me. Seems someone cares about the girl enough to pay some good gil to see >


[20:51]Yvenalise Tachibana: her home and innocent." Mogshu flails about angrily. "But the Star Span-" Graves pounds his fist on the side of the hollow. "Is a piece of garbage made to scare children into telling the truth." He spits onto the floor before motioning for the woman to come with him. She didn't have to be told twice. Quickly did her fake tears fade, replaced by a hardened and stony expression as she walks out of the door. Slam. The door was closed, was Mogshu's case to suffer the same fate?


[20:57]Lusasa Lusa: "Kupo be damned, I hate that man!" Mogshu huffed, sinking a paw into a bowl of Kupo nuts, furiously chewing away. Dog looked on in shame, drowning your sorrows won't solve this case, thought Dog, with a shake of his head. Mogshu had no leads, no direction, and worse still he had a Pomwitch AND that no good Graves to contend with. Topping it all, he still had a husband to find, or what remained of him. Burying his paw back into the bowl, he withdrew another nut, staring it down as if it -


[21:00]Lusasa Lusa: contained all his woes. He couldn't fall back on the wagon. Not this time! With a tiny grunt he tossed the nut across the room, to which Dog barked with glee. "This isn't over, Graves thinks he can walk all over me, he is wrong!" he informed Dog, though speaking mostly to bolster his own resolve. "I say we see my old contact in Adders, they ain't all corrupt, I wager this entire bowl that he'll be able to point me where I need to go!"


[21:06]Roger Holmes: So off Mogshu went with his trusty companion. This case was looking tougher to crack than a hardened kupo nut, but Mogshu had the wits and the perception to solve it. Mogshu headed to his Adder contact, a slender, light-skined elezen. Her skin  was soft and bright under the sunlight, yet her eyes were stern and cautious from all the years of her service. "Dog, stay here. Don't think they want any creatures in here. "The dog looked to furrow its brow, pointing its nose at Mogshu a few times.


[21:10]Roger Holmes: Mogshu flew up towards his elezen contact who was filing some paperwork. He glanced about, looking to see if anyone was watching him, which everyone was considering you don't see a moogle flying in the Adder's Nest everyday. "Psst.. can we find a place to talk-upo? I'm in need of assistance.." The elezen woman stared at him with her stern eyes as if she was trying to look into his soul. A shiver slid down his spine but never once did he turn his eyes away. She placed her papers down before....


[21:13]X'ammeha Rose: "I thought I told you before not to bother me at work. Do you not understand the amount of trouble that yet lurks?" the contact sneered, but shook her head as she stood, the papers could wait as she hoped the reason for the visit was good. Mogshu insisted "Please, this matter is of the most import!" as the two made their exit, time could very well be short. The two took to a private meeting room within the nest, the contact spoke of the matter "To help you, I will try my best." ...+


[21:15]X'ammeha Rose: ...Mogshu was thrilled, there was not a moment to lose "A man is in danger, and your help I knew I could use." she gave a nod as Mogshu made his plea "Will you accompany me?" The moogle made his explinations faster than one most ravenous for a kupo nut, surely this case would no longer be stuck in a rut. Upon hearing what Mogshu had to say, the woman gave her insight, opening her mouth to convey…


[21:19]Gus Pumpkinweed: "... utter somnolence. "You  moogles with your thirst for justice." It was with a forlorn expression that she continued. Mogshu followed on after the elezen lass, whose name turned out to be quite quaint indeed! "Joan," she told the moogle. "And I talk with tea. How do you take yours?" As important as the life of this fellow was, what good moogle would pass up a delightful cup of tea? Two spoons of sugar, a dash of creme, the scent of peppermint. 'Ah kupo', thought Mogshu, 'This is good.'


[21:22]Gus Pumpkinweed: So the two drank fine teas, and little biscuits. Alas for Mogshu, no Kupo nuts for he. Perhaps after this whole situation had cleared. He'd be able to return home, and delight in the finer things in life. It was here that Joan, with her last drop of tea, stood. "Come little master," the taste of peppermint heavy upon her tongue; the smell radiating on her breath gave Mogshu the notion to ask for one more cup. Why not after all? "It is time we make haste after a good sort of tea." And so…


[21:26]Syranelle Ironleaf: Mogshu began to doze off.  It just so happened that 'Joan' was, in fact, the dreaded, missing Pomwitch!  *POOF*  The stately Elezen was transformed into the little mog-mage as he cackled.  "I've got you now, Special Pomvestigator Mogshu!  I've got you now!"  However, Mogshu would not be put to sleep so lightly!  Reaching into his mogpouch, he pulled out some Cloud Mallow dust and smacked himself in the face with it.  "No time for sleeping now, kupo!"  He bellowed at himself.  >>


[21:29]Syranelle Ironleaf: Slapping his paws against his cheeks, Mogshu threw himself at his wizardly rival!  The Pomwitch shrieked, fluttering out of the way as he readied another spell.  "I'll get you, kupo!  I'll get you!"  Tiny little paws waggled as he formed a dangerous Fire spell!  A flash of gold interceded, as Dog heroically leapt at the mog-mage, pinning him to the ground.  "Wait, waaaait!"  The Pomwitch wailed.  "Don't hurt me and I'll help you, kupos!" He pleaded, an infinite coward.


[21:34]Roger Holmes: The dog knew not the word of mercy, licking the mogwitch into complete submission regardless of their pleas. Mogshu slowly flew up towards the pair, looking down at the mogwitch with a confident smirk on his face. "Tricking me.. A kupo tea actually being a cup o' Z's? Clever.." The dog would continue its licking assault as the mogwitch squirmed in place. "G-get this thing off of me if you wish for me to assist thee!" Mogshu called off his companion, the dog getting off of the mogwitch >>


[21:38]Roger Holmes: Mogshu wiped the alleged dust from his face before flying lower towards the Mogwitch, staring coldly at them. "You work for the woman of the man that I wish to seek. If you don't wish to be slobbered by my friend again, speak.." The mogwitch panicked a bit as the dog licked the sides of its mouth. "N-no! I mean y-yes! The man which the woman wanted to disappear. He lives still, with Graves being his greatest fear." Mogshu would raised a brow if he had one.


[21:41]Syranelle Ironleaf:  "The man, that woman's husband, he's fine!" The Pomwitch blubbered.  "He's some fop named Jandelaine and last I saw him he was on his way to Limsa Lominsa, praising the glories of honey as a hair treatment!"  Mogshu pointed at his Moogly rival, "Aha, so you admit your part in this dastardly caper!"  The Pomwitch eyed Dog and the canine's big, slobbery tongue.  "Yes, yes!  I was hired to be part of it by Graves!  We were supposed to hide Jandelaine." >>


[21:43]Syranelle Ironleaf: "Just long enough for the woman to proclaim him dead and get an annulment, that's all, I swear!"  Mogshu rubbed at his chin with a tiny paw.  "I see, so you're all in cahoots, kupo!  Well, I'll just have to take you before a /reputable/ Adder and have you seen-to, all three of you!"  Mogshu reported the activity to the Adders, who took Graves and the woman captive, just as they were leaving town.


[21:48]Roger Holmes: As The pair were arrested and detained, Mogshu and his trusty companion watched from the sidelines with a sense of closure and relief. Graves snarled at Mogshu and his new friend. "Always in the way of my plans. What makes you think that you are always in the right?" Mogshu ran its hand over his head as he stared down the female elezen. "The subligar tells no lies and neither do I, perhaps this will teach you a lesson in trying to pick the side of the light."



[align=left][21:49]Roger Holmes: Graves spat on the ground looking like he didn't wish to hear another word from the mog. " Pssh.. I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you and that meddling dog."


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Thank you, all of you, for your wonderful comments!  We're so very glad to hear that folks had a good time.  There are some things we need to adjust -- like the way the Storyteller line works, first and foremost, Yvenalise Tachibana, gave us a great idea on how to handle it.  


Overall, though, we were very pleased with the turn-out as well as the level of participation and interest we had.  We certainly hope to see an even bigger crowd next month!  With it being October, we'll likely angle toward a...  Horror/Scary Story theme!

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Thanks for throwing this! I was just thinking the other day before I saw about it that Mih Khetto's Amphitheater was underutilized. Tt was very fun, I know Rog also every much enjoyed it. I am sure he will be back and I def. come by to watch when work allows me to! I am glad to see you post the stories. Next time if I have to bail, I know I will at least get to finish it!

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