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A Mhigan Bird of Prey

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A couple suns ago the body of an Ala Mhigan male, age 34 was found some malms away from the outpost leading to Southern Thanalan. The mans name was Radulf Thrall, initial reports from flames officials indicate that the man in question was creating some public disturbances but aside from the usual rowdiness of any man who has had drink nothing much was considered of the matter. However upon the day of his death the man made a brief but rather incoherent report regarding a "Crow" to flames officials, this word upon further investigation has shown the man was quite cautious of this Crow and warned others either on the street or during a drunken stupor in the quicksand to do the same. Although the man was incoherent for most his report he made it quite clear that his Ala Mhigan countrymen were the focus of this aggression and that it would not cease with him. Flames officials are rather inclined to believe this statement due to the circumstances regarding this matter. Lastly the one who discovered the body (Whose name they wanted withheld) heard the mans dying words which detailed although vaguely that an individual clad in black armor and wielding a lance is roaming the Southern Thanalan roads. With resources limited as they are an official search party cannot be commenced so officials are warning travelers and especially Ala Mhigans to take due caution in the Southern Region until the matter can be appropriately cleared up.


Should the individual be spotted you are to report the sighting to the authorities immediately so that this Crow can be captured.

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Whistles a bit and puts down the paper "You may not have been the brightest Radulf but when the cards were dealt you were certainly clever. Scrambling and spreading the name may certainly cause issue but it will be a while before a valid lead is found, the description will be problematic however." He furrows his brow a bit "While there will not be patrols, keen eyes will be on the roads which is cause for minor concern but as long is I maintain prudence I should be able to overcome what may arise." He then pulls out a small notepad and flips through the pages and stops on a page with a location and a date written upon it and laughed whimsically "Hopefully this will not interfere to much on the upcoming business trip which I am sure will give me a great wealth of knowledge that will prove fruitful."

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