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Now Recruiting Researchers, Mercenaries, and Lost Souls...

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Mythril Wings, a rank 8 medium/heavy RP FC with a medium house in the Mist, is recruiting! We're looking for scholars, mages, mercenaries, investigators, or even refugees in need of a job and a safe place to live. We're small, but very active, with RP happening almost every evening. We nearly always have a major plot arc in progress, and we try to tailor our stories so that every character in the company gets a chance to shine. 


For more information, check out our FC thread here on the RPC, visit our Shivtr site, or contact Adeya Evenar, Synn Heolstor, or Solenne Lagarde/Michaux Vidal in game. You should also feel free to reply to this thread or send me a PM if you have any questions.

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