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[Balmung] Aethertide Ventures Masquerade Ball 8/27/16

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~ IC ~


As you wander into the bar, a flyer posted on the public notice board catches your eye...

"Greetings, friends of Eorzea. Upon the eve of summer, sun 27 of the Fourth Umbral Moon, the Free Company Aetheritde Ventures would like to invite you to a masquerade ball, located at our estate at the Mists, ward 12, plot 45. The event shall be held at seven to eleven bells in the evening. Please dress formally and wear a mask befitting of this occasion. Food and drink will be provided, and if you have no partner for the ball, you may request to be paired with another lonely individual at random. In the evening, we are holding a haiku contest to any who wish to present their work. There is no entry fee- any and all are welcome. We hope to see you there."[/align]




~ OOC ~



You are cordially invited to the Aethertide Ventures Masquerade. The event begins August 27 from 7:00 to 10:30PM EST at the Aethertide Ventures Estate - Mists Ward 12 plot 45. [/align]







All Evening- Upon entry, you will find a large jar filled with candy. If you want to guess how many candies there are in the jar, the people who get closest to the number will win a prize at the end of the event. There are 5 prizes that you can receive, details below!

8:00- Dance Roulette. If you are interested you can sign up to have your name thrown in a pot. You will then be paired with a random person at the ball to dance with. This is great if you are looking to meet new people! A link to a music stream will be provided.

9:00- Murder Mystery. You are invited to join and enjoy a murder mystery performance put on by Aethertide Ventures. Be a part of the chaos as you examine the case with the other guests, and try to figure out who did it!

10:30- Prize Rewards and Wrap Up. The host will give out prizes to the people who won the number raffle. Thank you for coming and for supporting our event!





Thanks to the combined efforts of Aethertide's crafters and raiders, we have a great selection of prizes that will be rewarded to the winners of the candy jar raffle.



, and
orchestrian scrolls.Worth about 5 mil in total.

2. SECOND PLACE: A commissioned piece of any Replica High Allagan Coat of the winner's choice.


3. THIRD PLACE: A bundle of Primal minions: Shiva, Garuda and Titan.




4. RUNNER UPS: An Orchestrian housing item.




[align=center] If you have any questions or comments, please post below, or PM me! [/align]

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Sooo glad I had a chance to go to this with my friend! It was a lot of fun, and the murder mystery was a blast to listen to, even if my dude was busy being mushy dancing with his lady to Leo's piano playing!  >w> Totally looking forward to more. You guys have a great, colorful crew!

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is it wrong that i kind of wished the armor was first place instead of say the music scrolls. I get the music is rare and expensive but...wouldn't it be more second place in that case considering the Allag Replica armor is like a full set of armor? Or am I just stupid?

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10/10 event. I had  a BLAST! You guys did a great job setting everything up. Thank you so much for doing this and I hope you do more in the future!!!

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