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I am the egg-chan, I am the Lolirus


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Kyuu kyuu uguu~?


I return from the depths of being inactive. Truth be told I was scared about coming back because something I posted, that I thought would make people hate me. As it turns out the thread died shortly thereafter and everything was okay. 


Anyways I'm looking for a group to hang out with on Balmung. My character's name is Hihimi Himi.



Large picture for clarity.

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Welcome back!

Thanks so much. I'm still rather uneasy about this...situation...but I'll get over it eventually~


Howso? If I had money to bet, I'd bet money that most people probably have no idea which post you mean and would have to go digging through your post history to find it. And that's assuming they'd even agree whether it was bad or not. No sense in worrying about that here! (Just don't break the site rules and stuff's cool!)


Go out there and plot n' have fun! RPC is here to help be a resource for that.

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Oh, don't think for a second I've forgotten.

I never forget.

By the way, who are you? xD


Anyway, welcome back. I'm glad to see a fellow Lala out and about once more. Don't worry about what might have happened in the past, because I sure don't remember.

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