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Jace Hunter

Silver Lily «Lily»

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The former Anemos Circle «ANMC» has now become the Silver Lily «Lily»!


For the Betterment of the Realm!


The silver lily of the valley that is chosen to represent us symbolizes the union we have in seeking out and protecting a silver lining and hope for the world and each other. It means that, though our personalities and contributions and methods may differ, we all want to share this same hope to do our best alongside each other, to keep hope and light alive for each other and the rest of the world. Though our name has changed, our mission statement has not! Silver Lily is still committed to doing everything for the sake and prosperity of the realm. Research, mercenary work, and even crafting and development. Our minds become one for the sake of Eorzea. 






Silver Lily «Lily» is an RP FC looking for members who are interested in all types of RP, from the slice of life to the more serious and dramatic. If this sounds like you, then please give us a try! We have a medium house in the Lavender Beds (Ward 6, Plot 1). We’ll also be doing content as well! So come check us out sometime!


Currently, our website is also our tumblr, so check us out!


We also have an in-character linkshell, people are welcome to join that even if they are in another FC already!


We are hoping to start up new events such as “Maryel’s Cooking Class”, as well as some more serious RP events like “contracts for mercenary work or protection.” Furthermore, we would love to start up joint FC RPs and alliances!

The Silver Lily thanks you for any interest! We hope to see you soon!

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Hey I don't have one of those IC linkshell thingies!

And I have that Discord thing now.

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