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Tale of Two Redheads: The Psychopath and Pacifist

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[align=center]The tavern you enter is dim, but the chatter of voices and clinking of mugs is clear. At one table in particular sit two Seeker Miqo'te, one woman and one man. Both are similar in skintone and hair color, and upon closer scrutiny, a connection can be drawn between their facial features. Siblings, mayhaps? The woman's scarred visage regards you with a demented grin and mischievous twinkle in her eye. In one hand she clutches a flask, likely of booze, while the other rests on the revolver across her lap. The man opposite her possesses a much kinder expression. His lips curve upward in a gentle smile and a soft melody hums from his throat. Leaning against his chair is a simple wooden staff and before him on the table are various journals, some about healing, others with scrawled notes. If one of them were to be your companion, who would you choose?[/align]


Who are you?

You mean this nerd right here? My name is Lucy =). I'm no stranger to RPG's and MMO's. I've done: pen and paper, tabletop, forum, email, console/PC, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Trek, Elder Scrolls Online, and FFXIV. Besides that I also like to play FPS, fighting, stealth, racing, and simulation games. When I have to adult (*shakes fist*), my day job has me working at a veterinary clinic. My schedule rotates, so my availability can start late in the afternoon or early evening EST. The best ways to contact me are here via PM, via Discord at NerdyLuu#4092, or via Skype at lulz_lucyluu.


But who are they?

That would be Naharé Mergrey, and her half-brother, X'khajirr Tia. Naharé is my chaotic neutral Limsan mercenary that does what she wants, when she wants, and how she Twelves damn well pleases. She doesn't take no for an answer, would rather tell others no, and laugh in their faces while doing it. A conniving and manipulative woman, Naharé would sooner use your character for amusement and or self gain before discarding of them. Her smile typically belies the true intentions running through her mind. Does she genuinely find you interesting or is it the gil pouch hanging from your belt?


X'khajirr is my neutral good Gridanian healer with a big heart and never ending motive to bring people peace and comfort. Violence makes him squeamish and uncomfortable, though he'd be quick to dive in and remedy the aftermath. If someone were to become hostile with him, he'd attempt calm words and negotiations first before ultimately walking away. To raise his hand or voice is a foreign concept to him and something that'd gnaw at the pit of his stomach for days if it ever happened. In need of health care? No eyelashes batted. Looking for someone to confide in? No questions asked.


What do they do?

Naharé's talent lurks within her abilities as a machinist and pugilist. She also specializes in crafting armor pieces, weapons, and small explosives. All of this is used for her 'career' as a mercenary. Jobs she's undertaken are: import/export, security, escort, kidnapping, sabotage, espionage, and arson. One of her less intense activities is collecting and creating jewelry from seashells.


X'khajirr's talent is manipulating aether and focusing it into healing energy. When he's not busy tending to the ill or wounded, he's pouring over tomes or talking to everyone possible that can broaden his knowledge in how to care for others. In his downtime, if there's ever such a thing for him, he enjoys woodworking and practicing with the bow. He'd gladly put together furniture or decorative pieces for you, or maybe even ask to trade tips on archery.


And where can I find them?

Naharé likes to roam between La Noscea and Thanalan. In La Noscea she can be seen at: Camp Bronze Lake, Aleport, Wineport, Red Mantis Falls, Costa Del Sol, and Limsa proper. In Thanalan she can be seen at: The Silver and Golden Bazaar, Forgotten Springs, The Coffer & Coffin, and Ul'dah proper. On occasion she has paid visits to Coerthas and Ishgard. Recent development has seen her movement mostly reduced to the city states. Traveling over great distances is still possible, albeit at a slower rate.


X'khajirr likes to roam between La Noscea and The Black Shroud. In La Noscea he can be seen at: Red Rooster Stead, The Grey Fleet, The Brewer's Beacon, near the Agelyss River, and Limsa proper. In The Black Shroud he can be seen at: Bentbranch Meadows, Lifemend Stump, The Bramble Patch, Hyrstmill, Buscarron's Druthers, Urth's Fount, and Gridania proper. Recent development has seen him spending a little more time in Limsa and even slowly venturing into Thanalan.


Types of RP

I'm pretty open to any kind of RP. Long term plots, heavy kicks in the feels, comedy/light-hearted, slice of life, mature (violence, torture, murder or attempted murder, substance abuse), temporary capture, temporary injuries, permanent injuries (discussed first), and so forth. What I'm NOT open to is ERP for ERP's sake. No thanks, not interested, not going to happen. If you're not sure about a certain theme, it's okay to ask first and we'll go from there. BUT, if you've made it this far and either (or both) of my characters interest you, please don't hesitate to poke me! I really want to toss these guys at more people and stretch their legs. Their wikis are in my signature below if you'd like to read more about them. I hope to see you all around =).

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