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Ala Mhigan Resistance Tournament - September 9th - 8:00 EST

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“Brothers and sisters, Friends and Allies. Last time we met people spoke of the desire to unite us more. How better but to hold a good old tournament and see who will be the one favoured by Rhalgr?


Are you brave enough to face your fellow Ala Mhigans and friends? Or perhaps you simply enjoy fighting in tournaments? Maybe you are looking for an evening to heal poor souls after their matches, or do you simply enjoy watching spars? This is the place to be!


Unlike any other tournaments, us Ala Mhigans do not shy away from matching melee and magic against one another!”



  • [align=left]What: A tournament for existing for Resistance Members, Friends and Allies of the Resistance, or just people who wish to become Rhalgr’s next favoured champion! Or perhaps you are just wanting to observe the tournament, observes are welcome as well.
  • Who: Anyone who wishes to join into the tournament! You’re welcome to join the Linkshell, but it is not mandatory. Everyone is welcome who wishes to get involved; fighter, healer or observer. You don’t have to be Ala Mhigan!!


  • [align=left]Which disciplines are allowed to join: Magic and Melee both welcomed and mixed up for matches!
  • When: Friday, September 9th - 8: PM EST


  • Rules: Don’t kill or permanently injury without consent.


  • [align=left]Where: Sagolii Desert - Click for Mini Map
  • Contact: Avelyn Firestone


  • Price: Bragging rights winning Rhalgr’s favour in the tournament.


We can always use more healers to help the poor souls between the matches. Or perhaps you are kind enough to help out with keeping an eye onto the matches? Please contact Avelyn Firestone ingame, or leave a message on our tumblr.


We will be using the system what is commonly used at the Grindstone. Three hits and you have won you match. If you are not familiar with this system, please feel free to inquire.


You don’t need to participate, observers are very much welcome as well!




[align=center]May Rhalgr smite your foes.[/align]

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