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❅ Introducing: Hazel Mouffe ❅

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Hazel Mouffe, a 20-year-old Midlander, was born and raised in the Garlean controlled city-state of Ala Mhigo. Taught never to go against the status quo, Haines kept his head down and always did what was expected of him. Drafted into the empire’s army at the age of sixteen, he got by on that same philosophy for years, until he just couldn’t seem to fit his pieces into the puzzle any longer.


Behind closed doors, Haines wasn’t a warrior sworn to fight for a cause he never truly believed in, her name was Hazel and she wanted to wear dresses that sparkled like the stars in the night sky and travel to fantastical places far from Garlemald’s tyranny.


Then, one faithful day when ordered to join in on a routine scout around the outskirts of the Black Shroud, Haines found himself separated from his group and before he knew it, became lost within the maze of ever-changing forest. Days later he was found and taken in by a traveling herbalist by the name of Isabella who never asked for an explanation or gave any in return.


Counting the next few moon cycles spent together with the woman he could sincerely call ‘friend’ as some of the happiest in his entire life, Haines slowly became a discarded cocoon from which Hazel was fully allowed to flourish and grow. Free to adorn a lance or skirt as they pleased, the ex-soldier could now live their life undefined.





Just sticking this out here to give my newest dorky baby on the Balmung server some time to shine. If anyone would like to add Hazel to their friend’s list for OOC or RP shenanigans feel free to do so, it is 1000% okay ~


Be on the lookout for Hazel Mouffe throughout the day.

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