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Marcy and the Cats, live at Club Crescent!


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Come and enjoy a little punk music (oddly formatted real-time poetry really), a dance-till-you-drop competition and the attentive delights of the crescent club….while that doesn’t specifically mean the attentions of Alderique, it neither excludes the possibility.  



Opening Act:  TBA (volunteers?)



-Marcellain Chevalier, X'Myra Bhen, Jun'to Nharuya, Savo Kesslivang & the staff of CLUB CRESCENT 

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This is today!  Bring your favorite dance happy Ala-Mhig!  (winner of the ‘enigma-danza’ wins a picture with the band!  -drawn by yours truly).  All donations and proceeds will ‘eventually’ go to purchasing cigarettes and nylons for the ALA-MHIGAN RESISTANCE!  


Marcy, Myra, Savo and the drum machine that drinks less than June


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