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Encounters of Fate (OOC, Rare Fates)


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Become part of the Survey Corps! This LS is created to make encounter of rare fates such as Proto Ultima, Coeurlregina, etc. easier and less mind numbing! let us hunt rare fates together.



LS Leaders:



  • Nyx Urlich 

  • Yuria Fairchild

  • C'ero Tia

  • L'miko kett


To join, simply contact one of the leader.






  • Respect others (this is not a place to discuss sensitive subjects and to post your own personal opinion on a controversial subject since this is a place for Rare fates first and foremost)

  • Must log in at least once a week. If you are inactive for a month you will be kick since LS place is limited but rejoining is possible if you return to ff14 just contact one of the leader.

  • If you saw a rare fate please inform everyone asap. (you will not be oblige to constantly look for rare fates or camp.)


PS: Although this is an LS for rare fates, Encounter of Fates can also be use to hangout, chill, chat and ask for helps such as dungeons, roulettes, RP etc.:D

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