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My defeated submision to the Design Contest; Tank Edition

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Overall, I love what you've done. However I believe the position of the cloak would be a problem since it hides the entire right arm. Which would cause some serious clipping issues since SE do not seem to bother with any sort of physics for there item pieces.


From just an in-game design standpoint, it would of been much better to of had it as a regular cloak that sat behind the back and would allow the arm to be used without clipping issues.


Overall amazing job, I'd of wanted to get those pieces for sure.

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Personally this looks better than any of the armor that won, quite frankly. But I'm not a judge so :/

Also I don't think clipping was really the problem as Clouds outfit has the cloak across the leg that moves pretty naturally when doing everything but sitting or dozing in a bed.

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True, but its certainly easier to have a leg which pretty much has one line of movement, hidden when other then running/walking, have mostly no other actions. It's another to have the right arm that does almost everything else be tucked under a cape. Whatever class is being played, it always has use of the right arm. Obviously a few physics applied here and there would make all that completely negatable but sadly, tis not so.


Also random, but I wish you had a choice to make your character sit left/right handed. Why is this not a thing in MMOs yet?

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You know, I did consider the possible movement complications for the half cloak, so I just googled for a variety of outfits already in the game and came across a few pieces with similar elements, so I thought hell, I'll leave it. Now I just wonder if it contributed to my non-eligibility. However, after examining the design elements and execution of the 40 finalists though, I realized that mine, while superior in many aspects to some of them, was clearly and considerably less fantasy themed than all the other artworks. 

I'm pretty sure that's what ruled me out, I suppose my outfit would fit better in a world like that of The Witcher or The Elder Scrolls.


Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, I appreciate it.

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