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[Spoilers] Encyclopedia Eorzea Review and Discussions


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-----Possible Spoilers and spoiler related discussion warning. If you don't want to be spoiled because you haven't done most of the FFXIV contents past 2.0 or 3.0, and even after 3.3, please click back button! But anyways, get the book! It'll be up at Square Enix store on October 17th 2016 for $50!-----



I actually waited on that terrible merchant line at FanFest 2016 for this book, and boy do I feel like I've got a treasure book. (No. But the Fanfest 2016's merchant line was the worst thing that Fanfest ever delivered and planned out by staff members. 5-6 hours of wait to get few items?)




Anyways, the book itself is just plainly amazing in regards to all of the details that you ever questioned about the Final Fantasy XIV lore from 1.0 to 3.3 (And one more Primal to be revealed for 3.5!)



It also explains about all of the character's first and last names instead of their titles such as "Ilberd of the Dullblade", and actually has his own surname. 


And who would have thought Nael van Darnus was actually a dark version of Joan of Arc, where Nael was originally a female under the guise as Nael from the start ? O_o;; Never have anyone. Kinda blew my mind.


It also details all of the pre 1.0 history in general like the Allagan Empire, Amdapor, Great Flooding, and has its own official timeline.


Politics, organizations, and factions are also well detailed by history and their political and religious beliefs. Even non grand company factions like Sharlayans, Garlean Empire, and Ala Mhigo are explained very well too.


Even the relic weapons, Esoteric Gears and job gears have their own story backgrounds. Jobs have their own history in details. This might actually help out for those who want to make their character backgrounds :)


They also explained Othard cities besides Doma, which they did write Dalmasca in that paragraph. 



Its cover has a very cool looking design, like if you've just picked the book directly from Great Gubal Library. 


The book itself is about 300 pages, and I've barely read each of them. In fact, it'll take a while for me to intake a lot of these information to understand the FFXIV lores.


Keep in mind that this book is not "perfect" book since the story is still on-going and expansions are still on-going. The lore and book will always be updated and we will probably see another one of these in second version (different designs with larger version of the book). But this is even worth of getting even right now since it has plenty of good information as it is.


It has a minion pet code included in this book, but let's face it. We all Roleplayers had been dying to grab this kind of book for a very long time.


Don't hesitate to pick it up on October 17th at Square Enix store!

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Does the book has any ISBN no. on it? I would greatly appreciate it, if you could tell me. I have to order it from Amazon because SQ store doesn't ship to my country :( 

Now I found the Japanese version ISBN but not the translated one. 


Thanks for the review!


It doesn't on the actual book. Koji Fox was actually really proud of being able to say that during the lore panel. It doesn't even have Square-Enix on the cover anywhere. Or Final Fantasy XIV.


There was a barcode on the plastic wrap but....I kinda threw it out when I opened my book at Fan Fest. :

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ISBN is sometimes on the inside cover, along with the publication date information and edition number. Dunno if they included the inside cover in the "no OOC stuff" rule, though. >:


Still waiting for someone to find that au ra biology lore they promised us would be in the book... twice... everything I've seen from the double-page spread on au ra is stuff we already knew, or stuff about their history.

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There is no ISBN anywhere in or on the book. Other than one page in the very back of the book that has credits, the book is presented as being entirely "in universe" as much as possible, like you could go and pick this up in an Eorzean library.


I haven't had the opportunity to entirely read it over, but so far there isn't much in the way of Au Ra lore beyond the three pages they are given in the book. There may be snippets hidden elsewhere, but I haven't uncovered them just yet!

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