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Lunatic Pandora - A Haunted Mansion Experience for the Community

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Update: We have had a massive turn out for our first weekend! We look forward to seeing folks next weekend, too! (10.23.16)


A structure, LUNATIC PANDORA, has fallen into the hands of A Stage Reborn. While they were able to get their hands on the property, it turned out to have a problematic haunting left behind by previous tenants. This October, A Stage Reborn  is cutting the locks on the doors, seeking adventurers to journey into its depths and assess the threat. Enter at your own peril, adventurers!



A Stage Reborn is hosting a haunted house on the Diabolos Server starting Friday October 21st, complete with several rooms, actors, and gimmicks therein. Although we're located on the Diabolos server, Mist is a short walk away from Limsa for any and all new adventurers who want the opportunity to see what's behind the doors!



This event is open and free to the entire community. Information on the event is available via our e-flier http://asr.to/spooky4me and Reddit thread at https://redd.it/58iv0f - we look forward to seeing you there! 



Dates: October 21st-23rd & 28th-30th

Times: 5PM to 9PM PDT

Location: Mist 10th Ward Plot 5

Server: Diabolos (Primal) (Lv. 1 alts are welcome!)


(If you can't make it, we're going to be streaming on twitch.tv/AStageReborn certain days (21st-23rd, 28th, and 30th dates of the event, between 7:30PM and 9:00PM PDT); additionally, there will be a fun video component to go along with the event released later on our YouTube.)


Note: As a creative community fan organization, we are not specifically a role-playing organization, our events are tailored to be freely available and enjoyable for both the roleplaying and non-roleplaying community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this or any events, please contact us at [email protected] - Thank you!

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