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Looking to put together a family, or fill a gap.

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Hi everyone,


My character is an older human- I haven't really set a definite age but I would definitely be 'Grandpa'.


I want to get an RP family going, or join an ongoing one. Don't hesitate to send me a message in game. It'd be my first time doing something like this so any advice would also be appreciated!


Delkan is like any typical retiree. If he's not sitting around the house telling stories of past adventures, hes out fishing for 'the biggest catch of his life'. He thinks he is a class-A chef, but due to 'stomach problems' he has never eaten his own food and has no idea that cookies are not supposed to be blackened charcoals. He's not a brooder, and tells dad jokes all the time. He retired from the Immortal Flames as an officer and was an adventurer 'before your time'.


I'd really like to start something like this because I've always felt RP'ing with a close bunch of people is more fun than walking into a party of a bunch of others- and being 'Grandpa' kinda feels natural in my FC so why not?


Character: Delkan Lenoxx

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Hey there! 


So one question I've got for you is if you're wanting something of a blood family or more of a "family" styled FC? Family styled FC's are fairly rare it seems- but that was one of the reasons that drew me toward Shroudwolf. Might be worth a look there if that's about what you're after!

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What race?


I've a plucky little Raen that could easily call anyone "Grandpa" in a more loose sort of way. She's basically a nerd trying to be less nerdy, and so left home to explore.


Delkan could easily be someone she stayed with/grew close to at some point, and so she fondly calls him something like Grandpa and treats him as such.

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