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Brand new to the server looking for friends. [Balmung]

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Roleplayed in the past, decided to start again on another server. :>


[Note: I've already found an FC. :>]


Ume Murasaki is a young Hyur that only somewhat recently decided to turn her life upside down.


Since a young age, she'd always had a knack for the Aether and its healing arts, using her gifts to heal the scrapes and cuts of her little town of farmers in Othard. As she grew and so did her abilities, she threw herself whole-heartedly into the arts, her nose very firmly planted in various books until one day, she walked headlong into a tree while walking and reading.


This served as a (very rude) awakening for Ume. Life isn't about knowing one thing thoroughly, but experiencing many things, and she was going about her love of learning all wrong. She'd spent so long reading, she stopped paying attention to the things around her. So, instead, she decided to pack up, leave home, and do everything she hadn't done before.


So, as a young, plucky explorer, I'd love for Ume to make friends with some other characters. She's still shedding her (very thick) bookish outer layer, revealing a quirky (and sometimes bad) sense of humor.


PM me here or in game if you want to set up an IC meeting or something like that!:)

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