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Displaced Allagan bioweapon LF friends/possible partners

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Pretty experienced RP'er. I started in Everquest II and ended up on the Antonia bayle server but the rp is kind of thinning out, so I moved here five or six months ago. I would like to get out there more so to speak!

Due to muse's mental stability (or lackthereof), I am tempted to say that full blown erp is probably gonna be off limits unless you intend to make birblizard a commitment of some sort. :chocobo:


If you like:

- lengthy and/or moderately articulate responses 

- backstory-heavy characters

- artistic references

- darker rp, or characters with inner conflicts/strife

- multi-faceted plots and character development and a strong lack of established cliche/tropes

- characters that are pretty/appealing, but not necessarily a definitive male or female either way

- rp'ing with character whose rp appearances are not totally conveyed by the character model in game

- characters whose development, values and beliefs can be shaped or influenced through other peoples' interactions with them

- birds

- character ideas that are still canon but outside the box

etc., then I'd be happy to talk to you and work some stuff out! ^^; 


RPCWiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Rahferu_Daitou 


Feel fee to get ahold of me on here by shooting a reply or through other means:

Discord: Osiris#2202

or get ahold of me on tumblr if that's your thing:




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