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Soon to be Balmung; meet the wild child!

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Ookami Sora is a young orphan. He is mysterious in the fact that no one knows much about his past, including the whereabouts of his family. He woke in the forests surrounding Gridania, where he was taken in and raised by monsters. Eventually, he left the Shrouds to pursue his curiosities of the rest of the world of Eorzea.


In terms of personality, Ookami Sora is incredibly sweet, curious, and goofy. He has a tendency to speak in third person, but otherwise understands society's language very well. His silly nature leads some to believe he is rather dull, but he is actually quite smart and observant for his age. His mannerisms can be rather bold and impolite, but he never means any harm; sophistication and boring etiquette is simply not his taste! He loves to make friends and grows upset when their is strife between them. You can often find him spewing up childish or made-up words and phrases.


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