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A newbie adventurer who's never set foot in Eorzea? What could go wrong?

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Hey there! As the title suggests, I'm looking for connections for Domi, an adventurer completely new to both adventuring and also to the continent and its peoples. Naturally, I'd love to find some people who would be interested in bringing a new adventurer under their wing (or just taking advantage of a newbie's gullibility)


I'm not really sure what kind of long-term stuff I would like to have planned for Domi, to be honest. She sees herself as someone who would eventually grow to be a vital part of a guild, perhaps, going on adventures she could tell stories to her children and grandchildren about once she finally retires. So really I could see her doing well as a secondary character in someone else's grand storyline, particularly while she's learning to come into her own.


Uh, I don't really know what else to say here right now, but I'll be updating the wiki page and my directory page and this post little by little while I wait for the time limit before I can make the world transfer.

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Hey there! Welcome aboard to Balmung! :D Few things pop into mind right away as potential leads...


For one thing, Kasi is a highly experienced (~10 years) mercenary who runs jobs pretty regularly and doesn't have many misgivings about taking shady work, so if Domi takes a job to go off and do something, Kasi might show up as an obstruction to getting that job done. While Kasi could show up as an enemy, she eschews violence if she can help it- there's no, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" in there. Well, much- it's generally bad for business if you go around offing people all the time. 


Going off that, Kasi takes some time to warm up to non-Miqo'te, but she's someone that could train up-and-coming adventurers and mercenaries, both in terms of how to do business and how to actually fight (though she specializes in greatsword and lancework). It might take a few encounters to get to that point.


Aside from Kasi herself?


I know there are a few other newbie adventurers and mercenaries in ShroudLife (see signature below) that Domi could find kindred spirits in (and you'll most likely encounter Kasi through them as well). That's nothing to say about Domi being able to make contact with wilderness traders and other contacts along the road- adventuring will take her out of the cities, and it would help to be able to find the RP'ers out there! 


S'all I got for now! Hope that helps a bit- let me know if anything tickles!

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I could see Domi and Kasi having some very interesting first encounters, especially considering their personalities. One idea I had involved being tasked with retrieval of a body and either a misunderstanding regarding the situation or finding it already being taken care of by someone else, though I'm not sure how well that would fit for Kasi to be on either side of that encounter. Still, they seem like the kind of people who would get along, at least, if you give them enough time to actually get to know each other.

The ShroudLife linkshell also sounds like a good place for me to start looking for people, thanks for the heads up on it.

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Kasi certainly wouldn't shirk from that kind of work- entirely possible she could have made the body dead in the first place if she was doing a bounty on some outlaw (dead or alive, only he convinced her to be taken dead, or the like). She could just as easily show up to find Domi taking care of it too. In any case, I would be happy to have them meet sometime soon!

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I'm part of an adventuring, treasure hunting group that would love to RP with more adventurers. We have a thread up on this board, I don't know how to link to threads, but we are Expedition Unknown. We RP as a group most the time but can be found individually as well around the QuickSands or walking Ul'dah, Gridania, and Limsa.


Can contact me via PM here or U'Neassa Sindre (me), U'assa Sindre, Talon Morrigan, in game if it sounds like something you'd be interested in :D

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Hey, I've looked over your thread, and would be interested in rp'ing some time.





[align=center]The Soldier[/align]





My main, Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn.  A Maelstrom vet with over 19 years of combative experience, a warriors soul crystal around his neck, and an axe larger than most hyur, he's an intimidating son of a bitch.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The man is incredibly kind, to the point of nearly being selfless.  Always willing to help someone in need for the price of a pint and a tale afterwards: be it stopping street thugs, or pummeling primals, he's game.  




The Inventor



Growing up in a traditional Dunesfolk Nomadic family, Jujuwai is a bit... rustic.  He, his three brothers, and one sister, all grew up roaming Thanalan upon the backs of a herd of adamantoise, and it often shows in his mannerisms.  However, thanks to the firm insistence and efforts of his mother, he and his siblings where all educated.  Following the calamity, the family was forced to stop their nomadic ways for a time, and take refuge in Ul'dah, where they all took up various jobs in order to sustain themselves.  In the instance of Jujuwai, this was an apprenticeship with an engineer of the Garlond Ironworks.  Years later, Jujuwai has come into his own as an engineer and mechanic, working in the employ of the Foreign Levies of the Maelstrom as support staff: repairing and creating devices to help them fight the good fight.




The Professor



[align=left]Hailing from the Western Highlands of Coerthas, Aulsoix Claimane is a scholar of thaumaturgy, archaeology, history, and any other topics what happen to grab the interest of his infinitely curious mind. He keeps his personal life mostly to himself, preferring general anonymity.  He currently works in the employ of the Thaumaturges Guild of Ul'dah, where he specializes in the handling of dangerous artifacts: often being sent out to retrieve them to be brought back to the ossuarry for safe keeping and study.  He has been known to teach classes at various institutions around Eorzia, and even takes on the occasional pupil, educating them in the thaumaturgical arts.  


Upon first meeting, he is impeccably polite and cordial, if a bit distant.  Often coming across as cold, it is likely a byproduct of his Ishgardian upbringing.  However, as one gets to know him, he has been known to loosen up on occasion; typically with a glass of wine in hand.



[align=center]The Gladiator[/align]




Illeaux Dravant grew up a troublesome street rat in the city of Ul'dah, fighting tooth and nail to survive.   When he reached adulthood, unfortunate cirucumstances took him into the arena, where he fights to this day.  He's gruff, rough around the edges, and has a penchant for drinking and smoking... but at heart he's a good guy, and more than willing to risk it all to help those in need.  So long as its his definition of "in need".   



[align=center]The Survivor[/align]








One of the last know members of his clan, G'rahta is a friendly miqo'te... if an onze serious at times.  Trained since his youth to be a warrior, and to protect his peoples village, he is an expert combatant.   When the Empire pressed into Othard, he joined with the resistance, leaving his village behind, only to return once the resistance fell to find that the village was raised during the war.   He has since come to Eorzea, and is searching for his fellows amongst the other refugees to some success...






The character sounds fun, and I'd be happy to meet her on any of these.  But Fyrilsunn and Jujuwai in particular come to mind...   The veteran soldier/adventurer and the man who basically makes his living making gadgets for a bunch of adventurers.    Both are super friendly characters, who would make friends with a stump. Also, coincidentaly, Fyrilsunn is opening his tavern for the second time this coming sunday!

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