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Looking for some connections!

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Hi everyone!


I'm looking for connections for my painfully shy Mimifu; of any kind. (Note: Wiki page is a WIP and her hair color is different from the screenshots now, oops.) I'll divide up what I'm okay with between friends, enemies, romance, and family. Anything is fine, from casual to very story-heavy roleplaying!



Mimi doesn't really have any friends... in fact, as of right now, she has none. She's fairly scared of people, though she is a little more open with lalafells. Not very much though. To become her friend, someone would probably have to push quite a bit, or make a lasting impression; like helping her somehow. Mimi's much too shy to approach people herself unless they're in need of help urgently. 



Mimi isn't really the antagonistic type, so an enemy would be rare. However, I'm not against kidnapping plots or the like if discussed beforehand. She does appear rather defenseless (and frankly, is) so it wouldn't be odd for her to be the target of something awful. 


Of course, if you want there to be a motive behind it that's attached to her backstory, PM me! Because I'm totally down for that.



I love romance roleplay. Not just the cute and fluffy parts, but the dark and sad as well. A partner for Mimi would be great and something I welcome! However, I'd love for the romance and stuff to come on slowly. The ideal partner would be a character with a dominant personality, who could even be cruel; but in the end, is protective of who they love. But really, when it comes to love, anything could happen! You don't have to ask my permission to pursue or flirt with Mimi; even dirty comments are fine, if it's what your character would do. 


Family will be hidden due to character plot spoilers. I know that some people would like to find everything out through roleplay, after all. But the tl;dr is, she could be related to a Raen Au Ra, but the backstories would have to match up pretty well...



Basically, Mimi has amnesia (yes I know, sounds so cliche; but it's purely psychological, she'll regain her memories fairly easily through just spending time with people. It shouldn't be too dramatic/mary sue; it's just really bad post traumatic stress disorder, essentially) and doesn't remember her family or how she lived at all before the incident, which occurred right before the Calamity. She believes it's due to a head injury that she got, since she woke up with a concussion.


However, her perception of things is not necessarily correct. In fact, it isn't! Her whole village was burned down, massacred by the Garleans. Someone hit her her and knocked her out, taking her to Doma. She regained consciousness after the Calamity, unable to remember a thing about her past or herself. Mimi then scraped up money on the streets and took a boat to the main continent.




So if someone would like to be a friend, enemy, lover, family member or even her savior*, then contact me!


*We could work with this with any character that's been over to Doma, really. Also they may not even be a savior, but an enemy.





Discord Tag: Dillen#8181

Skype: rozielle.alexina

Feel free to add me!

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Your wiki says that Mimifu lives in Gridania; is that correct?  Although I don't see anything in your backstory that jumps out at me and says "this means Tyll'a could have met Mimifu", if I'm correct about her living in Gridania, maybe the two characters could meet by chance in the Shroud?

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Whee! I can offer up Kasi as a connection here- she's pretty much concentrated anti-shy as it stands with as obscenely inclusive as she is (kinda have to be as a trader). She's also armed with free food, which usually works to keep people from running away. So, I can think of a few possible encounter scenarios to build a connection off the top of my head between Kasi and Mimifu across a pretty wide range, depending on what appeals most to you!


  • Mimifu could encounter Kasi in the Canopy in New Gridania when she visits to check the job board for new mercenary contracts. Kasi usually sticks around a little bit afterward to get some drinks and relax, before moving on. It's a cliche encounter for sure, but it works! 
  • Mimifu could also encounter Kasi out in the wilderness in a few different ways. Kasi does a lot of her own hunting, as well as trading, out in the Shroud. She usually sticks to the Central and South Shrouds, but has occasion to roam more widely for merc work too. She usually tends to camp in the wilderness as well, so if Mimifu is destitute and living in the Shroud, she could run into her like that as well.
  • Kasi is, of course, a mercenary, so if Mimifu is looking for a guide or a bodyguard, Kasi has the reputation for being a merc who is unique for always keeping her word. She's had 12 years to build that reputation (and 17 years of combat experience). On the flip side, if someone else took a contract targeting Mimifu (for whatever reason), Kasi could easily turn into an enemy too- granted that she has her own personal honor code and isn't going to strike a defenseless person. 
  • Kasi is also best classified as an anti-hero; she has the potential to be a corrupting influence and even potentially a mentor, but it takes some effort for her to warm up to non-Miqo'te.

You're of course welcome to browse around Kasi's RPC Wiki page as well. Any of these ideas could easily be combined (and probably will too). Let me know if anything tickles and we can set up a meeting!

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As a Doman Lalafell and generally goodboy, Chachanji might make for a good buddy. He's the sort that likes to help people, but he can be a bit timid himself... so I dunno if he'll have that oomph to get through her shyness. It's something that could happen, though!


He's usually around Ul'dah or Limsa, though... so I'd have to finagle a reason for him to be out in the Shroud if she doesn't venture too far from there.

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@Thunderbolt300: Sounds great! While Mimi isn't a sucker for free food herself, she wouldn't reject a kind offer. She spends a lot of time in the Canopy, so that would most likely be where they'd meet- as Mimi tends to stay at an empty table or in the corner by herself. 


Mimifu tends to stay at an inn room rather than camping- but it could happen should she give away all her money to a beggar... Meeting in the Shroud is definitely possible as well if Mimi were gathering seeds, herbs, wood, etc... Her botany and cooking is the main way she makes her gil, which is just enough to help her get by.


@Gegenji: Mimi definitely is in Gridania/the Shroud most of the time, but she travels occasionally for quests, as a fledgling adventurer herself. These quests would likely be things like "Healer needed!" as she is a conjurer. She could also be travelling to get certain ingredients, or if she heard any rumors that might be about her missing lalafell mother.

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@Gegenji: Mimi definitely is in Gridania/the Shroud most of the time, but she travels occasionally for quests, as a fledgling adventurer herself. These quests would likely be things like "Healer needed!" as she is a conjurer. She could also be travelling to get certain ingredients, or if she heard any rumors that might be about her missing lalafell mother.

Fair enough! As mentioned, Chachan could probably end up in the Gridanian area easily enough - he has a friend (who's a healer as well!) who lives out that way now. So he could bump into Mimi at some point during that.


Or, if she's in Ul'dah or Limsa... well, he's a smith so he might not be helpful on the ingredients part... but his helpful nature could result in him helping her find her way to said ingredients or just helping her around if she seems lost in those cities! Or if the rumors involve any equipment he could potentially ID to help out. A worn dagger or some other memento if it falls in his wheelhouse.


Plenty of options, really.

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Yes, she does live in Gridania now; and she does spend quite a bit of time in the shroud gathering and taking care of smaller jobs. It's entirely possible for her to meet someone out in the shroud! ^^


Well, then maybe we could RP her meeting Tyll'a!


That'd be great; I look forward to it!


I'm also adding my Discord & Skype tags to the main post here so people can add me there if they'd like, to discuss more.~

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Hey, I've looked over your thread, and would be interested in rp'ing some time.




[align=center]The Soldier[/align]





My main, Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn.  A Maelstrom vet with over 19 years of combative experience, a warriors soul crystal around his neck, and an axe larger than most hyur, he's an intimidating son of a bitch.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The man is incredibly kind, to the point of nearly being selfless.  Always willing to help someone in need for the price of a pint and a tale afterwards: be it stopping street thugs, or pummeling primals, he's game.  




The Inventor



Growing up in a traditional Dunesfolk Nomadic family, Jujuwai is a bit... rustic.  He, his three brothers, and one sister, all grew up roaming Thanalan upon the backs of a herd of adamantoise, and it often shows in his mannerisms.  However, thanks to the firm insistence and efforts of his mother, he and his siblings where all educated.  Following the calamity, the family was forced to stop their nomadic ways for a time, and take refuge in Ul'dah, where they all took up various jobs in order to sustain themselves.  In the instance of Jujuwai, this was an apprenticeship with an engineer of the Garlond Ironworks.  Years later, Jujuwai has come into his own as an engineer and mechanic, working in the employ of the Foreign Levies of the Maelstrom as support staff: repairing and creating devices to help them fight the good fight.




The Professor



[align=left]Hailing from the Western Highlands of Coerthas, Aulsoix Claimane is a scholar of thaumaturgy, archaeology, history, and any other topics what happen to grab the interest of his infinitely curious mind. He keeps his personal life mostly to himself, preferring general anonymity.  He currently works in the employ of the Thaumaturges Guild of Ul'dah, where he specializes in the handling of dangerous artifacts: often being sent out to retrieve them to be brought back to the ossuarry for safe keeping and study.  He has been known to teach classes at various institutions around Eorzia, and even takes on the occasional pupil, educating them in the thaumaturgical arts.  


Upon first meeting, he is impeccably polite and cordial, if a bit distant.  Often coming across as cold, it is likely a byproduct of his Ishgardian upbringing.  However, as one gets to know him, he has been known to loosen up on occasion; typically with a glass of wine in hand.



[align=center]The Gladiator[/align]




Illeaux Dravant grew up a troublesome street rat in the city of Ul'dah, fighting tooth and nail to survive.   When he reached adulthood, unfortunate cirucumstances took him into the arena, where he fights to this day.  He's gruff, rough around the edges, and has a penchant for drinking and smoking... but at heart he's a good guy, and more than willing to risk it all to help those in need.  So long as its his definition of "in need".  



[align=center]The Survivor[/align]






One of the last know members of his clan, G'rahta is a friendly miqo'te... if an onze serious at times.  Trained since his youth to be a warrior, and to protect his peoples village, he is an expert combatant.   When the Empire pressed into Othard, he joined with the resistance, leaving his village behind, only to return once the resistance fell to find that the village was raised during the war.   He has since come to Eorzea, and is searching for his fellows amongst the other refugees to some success...



Feel free to hit me up in game, on here, or on Discord at Jacob#7028. All of my characters are under the spoiler above, and I'm always looking for connections for all of them!

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I've added you on Discord; maybe we can set up a time to RP!  :-)

That'd be great! 




Whoa; that's a lot of characters! I'll take a look tonight/in the morning and see what ideas come to mind with which characters.


I'm pretty sleepy for tonight so I'm just doing a rehaul of my RPC wiki page, thank you all for your offers! The RP has been great so far and I'm excited (and less nervous) to do more~

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