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A not-so-competent con-artist seeking roleplay connections!

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It would come as no surprise to anyone who has ever encountered Remis Locke to discover that he is quite a shambles of a man. Let not his fine cloth and well-spoken accent fool you, for he is as low born as they come, desperate to lie and cheat his way to the top by any means necessary. Why? Well, that’s another story for a different time. How? Through low cunning which often leads to failure of the most embarrassing kind. Credit to the man, some of his plots and schemes do land on their feet, if he can manage to land on his own.


Under the fine clothing merchant company known as ‘Thrice Lucky’, Remis is constantly cooking up ideas to achieve his ill-gotten goals. If you would like to read part of his current ongoing story please browse http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18243 at your leasure.


Who is Remis? (The very, very short version)


Remis is a 32 year old low born Hyur who survived the gutter and has sworn never to end up there again. Obsessed with the idea of nobility, he seeks to better himself and livelihood even at the cost of his true identity.


What is he / am I looking for?


I would be very interested in roleplaying with criminals, authority figures and nobles alike; for very different reasons. Criminals would prove wonderful allies if made to Remis who, let's face it, needs them badly. The majority of the time when his plans do succeed it was due to the help he was given by others, though he'd always deny it. Those who roleplay authority figures may be interested in attempting to break his plans or undo his falsehood. With nobles, Remis would attempt to portray his alias of Rufus Caswell in order to mingle and ‘get in’ with their crowd which often proves humorous and enjoyable. That being said, I am seeking any form of roleplay really. I'm not a picky person in the slightest! 


If you would be interested in roleplaying or making contact with Remis in game please do no hesitate to call! Furthermore, I am actively seeking a roleplaying Free Company / Linkshell if there are any who would take this old cad in. 


All the best!



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I must say, that introduction of such a fraud greatly made me laugh. Just for that, you made some of my day.


On a second note, that character sound seriously fun to surely antagonize from the start, playing both a figure of authority for most people and a noble that actually... get pissed when people remind him of his status. Family is a terrible thing!


Anyway, I guess could pass one day by that fine clothing company to get a look of those wares!

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