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What would you like to see implemented in the game for a better RP experience?

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Brainstorm thread, just share your thoughts.


Personally, I would really love to see interactive emotes. Emotes between two players, which I think should work similarly to the trade system: the one starting the emote would select his targeted player, and the 2nd player would then get a message asking if they want to 'accept' the emote. Here's some examples that would fit:





/kiss (yeah, I know that's the first one you all thought about!)

/ slap (why not? if it's accepted...)

/poke would fall in this category too if this was implemented.


Opinions? More ideas? I'm curious to know!

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Depends. If they're supposed to synch up exactly so that characters make contact properly, no. With five different races, plus the differences between Hyur clans, plus both sexes, plus a height slider in character creation, the work to make every possible combination function correctly for even one emote is too much for something we can exercise our imagination to cover. The developers have many things better to do.


If we're talking about a more general set of animations that don't need to synch up right, sure, that's reasonable. It does rule out some, like hugs, because that would be thoroughly unconvincing unless it's done totally right for those specific character models. Something like a slap and a slap-react emote could be fun. The slap doesn't need to make proper contact any more than combat animations need to. So long as the characters are facing each other and kind of close-ish, that's good enough for an MMO.

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/tea :bouncy:


Seriously there is a lot of things I would love to see implemented to encourage more/better RP. Different neutral postures while standing or sitting to sort of establish whether a character is more reserved, rambunctuous, agitated, coquettish, etc. Posture is important for stuff like that.


I'd love to be able to cross my legs while seated, or fold my arms beneath my chest and stare pointedly at someone.


Hugs, kisses, glomps, and other more interactive emotes would be really awesome too~

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Different neutral postures while standing or sitting to sort of establish whether a character is more reserved, rambunctuous, agitated, coquettish, etc.  Posture is important for stuff like that.


Yes, I did suggest something similar to that. It would be really cool to add a "nature" feature to the Character Creation section, where you can pick a dominant demeanor that would affect the idle stance and other emotes (think of The Sims 3). For example, selecting a character with a Sullen nature could have him fold arms while idle, or simple nod for greeting instead of waving his hand with an excited face. A shy character would look nervous and express timidity in her stance and looks as he emotes, very small waves, and a very short laugh. And so on. I hope they give it a thought...!


Could even add a psychiatrist NPC to change your 'nature' in-game after creation, much like they will put the barber NPC to change hairstyles xD.


Another thing I would really like would be the option to lean against walls and railings. This could be done with a command rather than an emote, since I understand it would be difficult to emote to something vertical and non targetable (aka not like when sitting on a bench where you can first get on top of it). For example, they could put a lean command by holding forward movement key facing against a railing, or holding backward movement key while with your back against a wall or tree.

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Everyone's wanting emotes.. which are cool, but~


I would like a flag that I can put up next to my name, much like the party flag, that says I'm IC. Or at least, like in XI you'd check someone and they had a bazaar comment? I want one of those.. It'd be really handy when your appearance varies or if your character is injured, or just general 'hey I'm an RPer!' type thing.

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*totally agrees with Aysun*




I don't see demeanours being viable, again due to the very different skeletal structures of the races. A Lalafell can't possibly move in some of the ways an Elezen can, nor can a Hyur wag a tail and wiggle ears like a Miqo'te. That means every set of demeanours has to be done individually for each race from scratch. Animation work takes a lot of time, especially to the standard already set, and there are diminishing returns for the value of what they'd produce beyond what they've already done.


New emotes would be fine, if they're no more complex than the current lot, but whole new systems that add a massive animation workload takes away valuable time from the art team for creating other assets. Gear, monsters, environments ...these are for us as much as if not more than non-roleplayers. New gear designs are a matter of prestige for others, but they're an expansion to our potential wardrobes. New monsters aren't just new things to fight, they mean new lore. So do new areas, which may also be new venues for us to roleplay in.


Sure could go for a wall leaning emote, though. Got a lot of use out of that in CoH. ;)

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Really, any emotes that significantly add to the RP experience are going to be a whole lot of work. That's just the nature of the beast. I like the idea of having them, just like I enjoy the idea of having more options for stance or demeanor, even as I realize that the amount of time needed to get them working properly would be needlessly prohibitive.


On the topic of prohibitive options, one thing I'd love to see is more ability to interact with props, either those carried by players or just out in the world. Being able to turn a weapon over in your hands, lean against a streetlight, or pick up a glass would go a long way toward making the game more immersive. It also eliminates the problem of catching up midway through a scene; you don't need to be told that someone is holding a drink, you can see it in their hands.


For that matter, you could have the option to make physical items meant solely for roleplaying purposes. That ways you don't have to remember if one character or another has a specific book; it's an actual thing that can be traded and shared. Time-consuming and ridiculously ornate to program, but it would be entertaining.


A far less resource-intensive feature would be the option to set some sort of player biography as well as the suggested IC flag. The Lodestone, in theory, could be used to great effect for these functions, especially if there's cross-talk between the site and the game client.

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Major, in-depth housing system like EQ2. If you're unfamiliar, check out google images or Youtube.


First off, homes were in the city. There were certain  zones that had different options, but there were basically about six different styles to them (and now so much more!). All you did was go up to a building, right click on the door and purchase it (though only one at first!). The home did not have an outside area, though, until players began playing with client files and were able to place things outside the building-- it wasn't much, though the additions you could make were spectacular. The house was an individual instance, so of course it did not infringe on the outside world. Which leads me to...


Immense fan service for house items. Craftable, with recipes introduced in every patch, special holiday items that were given or earned could be placed into your home. This evolved into the cash shop where even more items were introduced. Then there was a few instances where house items dropped or collected (often in secret spots). This leads me to...


Complete customizability. At first, in EQ2 it took an act of god to make your house look interesting. Then people realized "Oh, if I stack this on that, I can make this!" Or, "These wood tables blend together easily, I can make a platform or stage with this!" This later evolved into people messing with files in order to turn objects on the side, or suspend them in air, or place them better. Someone released software with an interface to do it a bit easier, as well.


Check out this site to see an example, and to visit the main forum to see all the creations. The asian-ish panelings? Made by setting a bookcase, putting a portrait on the back of it, then removing the bookcase and placing it on the other side to repeat it. (more on The Soulfire Tavern below).


There was contests on all the servers on who can make the best home, there were Norrathian Homeshows where players would go out and nominate others for a chance in the spotlight! And then, there were players who got real good at it and sold their interior design abilities to decorate homes for a modest fee.


To me, this is huge. I've played many-a MMO only to find that the housing system allowed for just a 20x20 box of which you could put trophies or try to place items in a grid-like system, and waste so much space for nothing. Even then, you could rarely invite other people in, much less a group of people. But why would you...?


With EQ2's system, the RP community was able to create their own taverns, make it look damn nice and provide an instance for RPers to RP without muggle interference. Soliloquy Tavern? Yeah, just think if that was an actual place you could go to and meet with friends in-game. Something not just text based, or even /ls based, but a 3d environment to get lost in. With your friends. Awesome. I mean, heck, even Non-RPers were going out of their way to decorate their home. It was like a status item.



More interactive stuffs. I love the idea that was said about leaning on rails, as that would be awesome. We could use some /drink emotes for when we're tavern RPing it up. I like the whole idea of having more emotes in general, or different variations of the same ones, particularly for sitting. Speaking of sit, it would be nice to have actions while sitting.


When I play an MMO, I often think of Sword Art Online and the .HACK// series and how the players were basically able to replicate any movement our real-life counterparts could. I mean, minus the killer AI's and such, those environments are paradise to me. Largly unreplicatble for the most part, but the closer we can push devs from the standard /dance emotes, the closer we can get to our brains being locked into a microwave helmet err...fully in-depth worlds.




Let's see...


Player-written books was ingenious in EQ2. There were craftable books, with all kinds of bindings to them. They could be placed in homes, too! The biggest regret I I felt before leaving EQ2 was that they didn't implement notes. Like, there were plenty of interactive pieces of paper, posters and pages of books in the game, then they made some as house items. But it would have been so awesome to see some as player-written 'books'.


When I say player written, I mean, you buy or craft a book, you inspect it and two pages come on screen. You type what you want on there (we did rosters, person to person notes, character journals, EVERYTHING), save it and put it up on the shelf for later, lay it out (especially if it was an open book) for others to read, or just sell your characters life story on the broker. There were a lot of book collectors that bought ALL copies of books. Oh yeah, you can also copy books too, duh.




Let's talk about vanity. This is so paramount to RP that I can't stand that SE will have this system restricted (at least at first, we'll see if we can convince them down the road to lift some of those). No matter the class I play, I want to look a certain way. I want to dual-wield daggers while I have a sword and board, or have a wand and a spell shield when obviously my two-handed staff is superior. I also want to look good. I hate mismatched armor so much, and I hate subligars even more. A dye system to add on to this would be awesome, as well!



It's the small stuff that adds up to so much of our pleasure out of this game. I love raiding, and I love finding the best loot, but I also love sitting at home, or sitting in a tavern somewhere and chatting with friends. There is just so much creativity to be had, and so much potential, but usually Devs leave the RPers and focus on end-game content.



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Well thankfully we can already do that^^ And I'm pretty excited about it too (I think it was the original reason for me to want to play this game at all)...


Here you can write anything you think you'd like to see added for a funnier RP. Call it a pipe dream list? It's okay to write things that are beyond SE's possibilities or unlikely to be added because of the game system, but keep it within the game's universe (so not things like... 'I wish I could camel birthgiving through my mouth'..!)


Something I would really love would be FFXII-style airship/train/ship travels. In Final Fantasy XII (George Lucas's favorite Final Fantasy), when riding an airship between cities you wouldn't have a limited time aboard like you do in FFXI. You could choose between fast ride (which is what we'll get in XIV from what the Producer's Letter seems to hint), or a cruise ride, in which you'd get a board and the ride wouldn't end until you'd click on the airship's cabin and select "sleep till land to destination".


Considering that we have things like instances, I wouldn't mind to see this kind of feature: airship instances, that just keep going till you click to go to bed or something.



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lol, knowing SE, you'd have 30 minutes in the instance to click on the bed and go to sleep =P. in the housing system, all toons in a single house are kicked out of the instance if they fail to get along or achieve a RP milestone like getting drunk together =P

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Gunblade Job.




 From what I've read around, there were already gunblades found in the data. Also, there is the musketeer guild and SE has expressed the possibility of future release of this class. Overall, Tyonis's wish may be one of the most possible ones to be fulfilled.



Back to the topic... I would really like if like NPCs, characters moved their mouth after entering a chat message in /say.

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