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Black Lotus Black Market Event: now open to outside vendors


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Rumour has spread in the streets of Mor Dhona of the return of the Black Lotus, a crime syndicate known throughout Othard. The Doman merchants spin tales of this clandestine organisation that existed in Othard for countless ages, working in the underbelly of organised crime, providing services to whoever would provide the highest price. Extortion, money laundering, smuggling, assassination and black market trading are amongst the list of services the Black Lotus provided to the public. The Black Lotus will do almost anything criminal for the right price.  



Due to ongoing interest, The Black Lotus is having its first open trade Black Market. Vendors who trade in more “illegal” items are encouraged to attend this event and hawk their wares.  Unlike our previous markets, this event will be taking part in an open world location, in Central Thanalan. This event is spread via word of mouth within criminal circles. The advertisement is ooc.




Where: Central Thanalan, The Caves outside of Lost Hope, Pos 27, 14. Balmung server.

When: Saturday the 4th of February, 2017 8 p.m EST til Midnight.



The Black Market will have six slots for individual traders or free companies to come and hawk their wares. If you wish to sign up, please contact us via tumblr, leave your name here or get in contact with Kira Shinoda or Kasumi Gakunin in game. Please be sure to read over our merchant rules and guidelines below before contacting us.




Merchant rules and guidelines


While it is not mandatory to have a list of goods being sold at the event for patrons to browse ooc, it is highly recommended. Any format is welcome. 

Please use the “Looking For Meld”  symbol to indicate you are a merchant. This can be used by typing in /lfm into your chat box. Type it again to turn it off 

IC Gil only: All items provided at the Black  Lotus are -imaginary-. As such no in game gil is to be exchanged unless they are donations towards yourself or your company. 

The market is first come, first serve: Merchants are expected to arrive early to secure a place in the cave to sell their wares.

Black Lotus is not responsible for any faulty or misleading items purchased ic.

Like any market, merchants may offer lower prices then their competition. 

Please sell items and services that fall into the black market category including; Weapons, Animals and animal products, Counterfeit  items, drugs, body organs  (please make sure they’re removed before sale) and anything else relevant.  

The following services and items are -not- to be sold at the Black Market; prostitution, slaves, bdsm gear or date rape drugs. However, sexual stimulants are allowed. Anyone found selling these items or services at the Black Market will be asked to leave the event. This is for the ic and ooc comfort of those who attend. 

Fifteen percent of all earnings ic (we don’t expect any actual gil ooc) are to go to Black Lotus for holding the event.



For everyone. 





IC Rules:


No Fighting, violence, theft or threats. The open nights acts as neutral ground for all. Any disruptions will be dealt with swift removal. Your character may also be icly banned from attending further events depending on the severity of the actions. 



OOC Rules:


While the Black Lotus is open to plots involving other criminal or authoritative organisations, this is an event is for rp and networking purposes. 

General event rules apply; please be polite ooc, do not mix ic/ooc. Any troublemakers may not be invited back to the event in the future and may face possible blacklisting from the Black Lotus depending on the severity of their actions and behaviour.

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