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[Balmung] Looking for staff/instructors/other roles for Eorzea Garden

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Eorzea Garden is a RP group (FC and LS--one IC linkpearl system and one OOC) that was just recently created. We are off to a great start and have some wonderful opportunities available, now we are just looking for dedicated and enthusiastic role-players to join us.  FC is optional (Rank 6), saving for housing.  Very friendly, fun group and we are looking to expand to bring in more people who are looking for a home.


There are a few roles we are accepting, which include:


  • Students...always accepting.  Pathways include SeeD, White SeeD (Elite Squad), and staff jobs at the Garden (cooks, doctors, maintenance, groundskeeper, stable workers, etc).  You will start as a Rank 1 student.  We have a level system for students to graduate and pursue career paths, but if you are just looking to be around socially the level system is optional--yes, we will gladly take you if you are just looking to hang out.  :)  Note that to graduate and get a job at the Garden/join SeeD you will need to level.
  • Instructors: all specialties including combat, academic, and job-skills (like cooking, medical, etc)
  • Garden staff members: you name it, we probably need it.  It takes all kinds of people to create a functional Garden (cooks, doctors, maintenance, groundskeeper, stable workers, etc).
  • Garden Master (head of finances)
  • VILLAINS: Any kind.  Bad students, bad people, outside threats, even villains for specific plot lines (we take suggestions for plot ideas!)

I hope to make some connections with people who are enthusiastic about the idea of participating at Eorzea Garden and to forge new opportunities for RP.

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Hi! I'd love to talk with you about being a professor in your FC! I write an accomplished doctor/surgeon who specializes in field and emergency medicine and I think he would do a very good job teaching. Please contact me in-game on Beruht'a Jharaji or Cohno'ra Vukoja or shoot me a message here!

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Just signed on as an instructor, and took a tour today. This group is very down to earth, and I'm looking forward to the great roleplay opportunities. Here's a little tour of Eorzea Garden!



Following The Calamity, Eorzea found herself facing a time filled with destruction and despair. It was a time of hopelessness. It was a time filled with heartbreak. The people of Eorzea were left to pick up the pieces of their once normal lives, facing such atrocities that even now warrant nightmares. Not only was the world around them in pieces, but so were their most precious relationships--spouses fallen dead, families separated, and even the unfathomable would come true in the form of children left with no parents...no home.


These were dark times for Eorzea, so dark that it was almost impossible to find a light. In Ul'Dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa, the orphanages began overflowing, leaving them with a dilemma which needed to be handled with strategy. In this time, it was agreed upon that these three city-states would each build a Garden to function as a cadet academy. These institutes would take in children in need of shelter and train them to serve Eorzea. It would be an academy like no other, offering dormitories, training facilities, libraries, and classrooms. Students would live and study on campus, offering them both a family and home in the Gardens. After a measurement of their growth both physically and mentally, these students would graduate and be given the opportunity to join SeeD, a military group that would be hired to carry out various missions throughout the realm.


In time, the Gardens became well established, each working closely with their designated city-state to maintain peace and aid Eorzeans as they recovered from darker times. However, in recent times, there have been many reports of dangers concerning the beast tribes and the Garlean Empire. With these dangers, the city-states now understand that in order to protect Eorzea, they must unite.


With the best interest of Eorzea in mind, it was decided that the three separate Gardens would merge into one large academy--Eorzea Garden. It would be a symbol to the people that they would stand together to protect Eorzea.










[align=center]Cafeteria/Garden Festival Hall[/align]



[align=center]Triple Triad Lounge[/align]











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