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Knights of Eorzea - Formal Open House (In Character Event)

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[align=center]Plot 33, 7 Ward, Mist


Sunday the 26th and Saturday the 1st @ 7pm Each day!


"Some paths we walk are etched by cobblestone walkway's, while other's are worn by the many steps that have pressed upon them. We are those who have chosen to walk our own path by the blessing of Oschon's own divine grace."[align=left]


[align=center]What are our Open Houses Like?[/align]


What you can expect when you come to our small Head Quarters located in the Mist. Is not your typical Open House. We are looking to meet explorer's, Adventurer's, The Faithful and the Non-Faithful. We look to seek other Free Company Leaders, Leaders of Linkshells and those who have no home at all. For what purpose? We hope to build bridges, and hope to start networking among those who arrive. So how do you plan to do this?


Free Company Leaders and Linkshell Leaders will be invited to a Round Table Discussion in one of our Private Chambers. Here we can bring up idea's as a collective to brainstorm future cross-over missions with one and another (Events). Open up dialogue to let those present know what your free company is all about or Linkshell and begin breaking down some of the walls of segregation as we strive to create long lasting friendships. Those who do attend I will provide a Link pearl to so we can remain in contact after the meeting is concluded.

Those without a Home. We will have our downstairs specially designed to house 'booths' on which you can visit each and speak to representatives from the Free Companies and Linkshells Present. We do have limited space for this though so we would ask those Linkshell Leaders and Free Company Leaders to post here if they are interested in recruiting in one of these booths in character. This will allow untagged players to interact with FC Reps and Linkshell Reps in character. I would strongly recommend for those FC's involved and those Linkshells involved to designate a Second in command or a officer to handle this portion of our Open House.


We have room for four Free Companies or Linkshells (or combination of) to attend each night. If you'd like to represent your Free Company or Linkshell please post here and on which night you'd like to host. We do have a common's area near the booths too so people can enjoy drinks and talk among each other while waiting.


Sunday's Listings

Booth One - Outlander's [Their Recruitment Thread]

Booth Two - Hydaelyn Protector's LS [Their Recruitment Thread]

Booth Three - Bloodstone Consortium

Booth Four - Knights of Eorzea


Saturday's Listings

Booth OneSentinel Ordo Silvae

Booth Two - Unoccupied

Booth Three - Unoccupied

Booth Four - Unoccupied


If this becomes something, we may try to do this once a month for companies without a Plot to give them space to recruit. What those who have booths may want to do is setup a party and invite the person to the party so they can talk with a bit more ease.


[align=center]Questions? Comments?[/align]

Please post here or feel free to add Ryslo Suramlo in game, which I will be available all day Friday and Saturday. I will respond as Quickly as I can.




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Just giving this a healthy bump. We got one free company to commit so far and I just really wanna stress that this'll be a great oppurtunity for those without FC's to come check out some in person as well as those with FC's to check out some Linkshells! So if your a FC Leader or a Linkshell Leader we hope you'll sign up and if your tagless or looking for more IC linkshells that'll you come to stop by.

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Just a Reminder; The Image at the top is incorrect! Our Event is for tomorrow. I'm removing the picture as it was a fatal error. Its tomorrow Sunday and the following Saturday. I made the image after an 8 day stretch at work so ...that was terribly my bad.


Sunday the 26th and Saturday the 1st we will hosting these events. @ 7pm Eastern each day!

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We have Two Free Companies and a Linkshell showing up for tonight @ 7pm. If you know anyone that is untagged and looking for a place to RP, tonight would be a great time to come to the designated plot Plot 33, 7 Ward, Mist. Please if you know anyone or see anyone this is a great chance to meet some RP leaders face to face and get to know a little about their organization.

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We would like to thank the following Free Companies and Linkshell for their participation in tonight's event that went extremely well!



Hydaelyn Protectors

Blood Consortium

Knights of Eorzea


Thank you for all those who attended as well! You made it a memorable first event and we've already began to make plans to rotate where this is being held for next Month between the above participants. Also thank you to KOE members tonight that filled roles like Guard Duty, Bar Tending, Greetings and Booth Tending. Anyways, We have one more coming this Saturday for anyone who missed it! (Aubriene, Bard, Knife, Sehra, Keelindsey, Avelyn, Waht'ya and Nuala)


If your Linkshell or Free Company is interested in This Saturday's Event please post here and we'll make the room necessary so you can be part of this growing partnership.


Deahfel, N'aomi, Ryslo, Dylofen


These four will be setting up a time to meet to discuss future ventures between their organizations over a good hot meal! Come Join the conversations!

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Just wanted to bump this Thread. Tomorrow April 1st we will be holding our last Open House for this Month. So far we have 1 Free Company coming to this evening's festivities. This is a great way for those looking for a home to find a home or to recruit also for the Linkshell they own or FC.

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