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Kalahira Nira looking for Doman mentor

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[align=center]Kalahira Nira, the Kitten[/align]


Kalahira, or Kitten as she prefers to be called, is a Lala/Miqo hybrid (Lalaqo'te) who has the general body and size of a Lalafell, but possesses a Sun Seeker's eyes, tail and ears (in replacement of lalafell ears).


At present the character is a bit of a wandering bard (not job-wise, but through RP). She performs (sings, dances and plays music) for those who are interested, but beyond that, there's not really much of anything going for her. She does odd jobs quite frequently, as she feels not doing these things is a missed opportunity to learn something new. Masonry, farming, entertaining kids, cooking, cleaning, etc. whatever it is, she's tried almost all of it because she's so eager to learn.


Her eagerness to learn stems from the fact that she has amnesia. The amnesia is because I, as a player, am still very new to Final Fantasy, so when my character learns, I learn as a player. As a result, the character has no knowledge of her past, relationships, skills, etc. A clean slate, if you will. But she realized she had two options: she could feel lost and go looking for answers she may never find, or she could take initiative and begin learning everything all over again. She obviously chose the latter, as she saw it as a more productive decision.


After hearing about what happened in the Shroud recently, she has felt a call to action.


Everyone around her knows how to fight, and she dislikes being a liability in a battle. She doesn't like that she can't defend herself and she wants to learn to be able to, especially if it will allow her to defend others someday.


Seeing Ninjas, or those of the Doman Empire in general, is a rare occurrence for her... but when she does see them, she admires the way they do things. It's like an art, and with her love of the arts, it naturally appeals to her very much.


As a result, she has been not-so-secretly looking for Domans to learn from them, if they would be willing. Given their secretive nature, it's unclear if they are watching her or if she just isn't having any luck finding them.



[align=center]What I'm Looking For[/align]


Someone who enjoys playing as a mentor, or is looking for an apprentice, to teach to be a Ninja or Samurai. Samurai is likely what I'll end up playing around with when Stormblood comes out, but I'd like for it to be a transition for the character that makes sense, rather than just showing up one day and saying "Oh yeah, they decided to accept me because reasons."



[align=center]Ways Your Character Can Find Mine[/align]


They could have been shadowing the character upon hearing that they were searching for a mentor, or perhaps they just lucked upon the hapless lalaqo'te in their quest.


My character tends to be around Ul'dah simply to conduct trade, but they prefer to be in the wilderness and exploring... so you can always encounter mine on the road, or in a secluded area to avoid being spotted (as I'm sure appeals to Ninjas).



[align=center]What Yours May Know[/align]


Assuming your character was shadowing mine, the information they will have discovered is as follows:

  • The character is kind and loving, and very, very sweet.
  • She likes to get people involved, and often approaches strangers to include them in ongoing conversations or activities.
  • She is capable of surviving alone in the wilderness. She knows how to chop wood,  build a tent, start a fire w/out magic, and generally knows how to survive without the aid of civilization.
  • She doesn't like to sit idly by while people are getting hurt, and will do whatever she can to help people (aside from combat due to lack of knowledge).
  • The character has a fondness (and clearly an exploitable weakness) for chocolate, flowers, cute / pretty things, and anything pink.
  • She has a draught chocobo called Aero, and it defends her in the wilderness as well as helping to carry her camping equipment. The fiery nature of said chocobo is likely why she keeps it around for defense.



[align=center]Additional Notes[/align]


I can't join a Free Company. I am already a member of Crescent and have no intention of leaving.


The only nights I absolutely cannot do anything, no room for negotiation, are Tuesday and Friday nights from 8 - 10 PM EDT / EST. Due to an officer position in another game, I absolutely must attend for those times on those days.

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