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A wild Alyria appears! (Veteran Player/RPer - New to RPC)

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Hello there RPC! 


If the name doesn't give it away I'm Alyria and it's great to meet everyone:love:


I'm a returning player to FFVIX:AAR who played launch with a great group of friends who were hard core raiders, but one thing was sadly missing from my gaming experience back then... The RPes!!!


I'm not sure what started this itch inside of me (lets face the hard facts that expansion trailer is epic) but I'm considering laying down my white mages' staff for a warrior's axe this time around. The only thing I have not settled on is a background concept... and if it could acceptably fit inside the current state of the game lore wise. 


TL: DR version =D: Alyria grew up in Garlemald and was present during the initial raid of Praetorium as one of the Empire's forces. However, leading up to that event she began to notice the destruction and all around 'bad' the Empire would bring to whoever they conquered. One thing leads to another and she is eventually struck down by her commanding officer and thrown over the wall for dead. But a mysterious adventurer rescued her as she fell and now for the past 2 years she's been nursing her wounds and trying to start a new life while keeping her past hidden until she's decides to pick up her axe again around the events of Stormblood's release... but this time in defense of Eorzea. 


So what do you think? Is there room for my little Garlean reject in the world of the RPC?

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Hi there,


I think your character's backstory is especially compelling.  I know that there is a small and active community of garleans, playing as defectors, deserters (like what you have described), double agents and Garlean loyalists hunting down the previous types.  I'm sure you are in for a good time.



Savo the Sewercat.


Also...look up Aegir, he'll have all the contacts you are likely to want.

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Hello and welcome to the RPC! I definitely think that character concept will work in RP. I have come across some ex garleans before in RP and it seemed like they did just fine finding RP. I would get a character wiki thrown together with what you have and then you can throw up a making connections post and find exactly what you are looking for.


Let me know if you have any questions or want to RP sometime!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I will definitely take down all the names suggested to me here =D


Right now I'm waiting for my Marauder to turn 3 days old so I can transfer to Balmung. So there will be plenty of downtime to work on the wiki I guess! 



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The nice thing about Balmung is that there's our fair share of Garlean expats to hang out with (or perhaps it's not so nice, I dunno, whatever you feel!)


Welcome! Hope you're here to stay!

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