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Hi from another new player full of curiosity.

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Hello! I'm Cain, new to FF14. I've beeing playing at Sargatanas, enjoying the game itself and learn about the lore a bit before come here. ( I can get discracted with RP and forget about the game content ) So now that I'm almost finishing my journey and catching up with the game; Now here I'm! Heh. Ready to make the transfer to Balmung.


I've Roleplayed at SWTOR, GW2, Ragnarok (Who remember this game?), I've experience with RP OH! Before anything... English isn't my first language so please forgive me for my mortal mistakes!! I'm lazy~ instead get a proper english school I try learn RPing. Back to my experiences... Mostly of them were stories with a beginning, middle and end with some friends that wanted to write a story together. 


A bit about my character... WELL! Hahahaha, I passed some days reading some threads about Dragoons and Au Ra. Guess what? I didn't knew how polemic it was!! I made the character just following the flow of the game~ Gods. I'm in trouble and I'll need create something very good to be acceptable. (There's pages and pages of discussion and I didn't knew if I should cry or laugh xD)


How I discovered you all? "google: roleplay at FF14" And I aiming to do medium-RP, my favorites are about traveling, investigations and adventure. I don't mind mix a bit with PvE and the game content if the people have fun doing it.


A bit about me... Hm, well! I like to chat about anything and I'm here searching for some friends and fun, that's it! 


Fast question: There's a discord channel?


 If someone wants to talk a bit, help me with the lore or just plan a day to RP, please add me there! Cain#0134


 That's it. Cya!

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Hey Cain, welcome to the site.


Unfortunately, there's no official Discord server, but plenty of people have Discords you can join. Be sure to check out the Free Company listings as well when your transfer goes through!


Glad you could join us. Feel free to ask if you have questions!

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Your English is very good for not being your first language! If you don't mind me asking, what is your first language? Great to see more xaela in the mix of things!

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