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A Ninja a Sage a Witch a Viking a Samurai and a Pirate walk into a bar......

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One of the things that FF has always done is give us great characters through its franchises history that are based off of traditional fantasy archetypes.  


I would present to such an idea for an adventuring crew to represent that traditional FF spirit.  A group of adventures each with their own unique abilities character traits and quirks to make up a very special group.


Although back story is important it is equally important to be a memorable character.  Although fireside chats about your past are necessary it is important to also be a good character with feelings and characteristics that make you alive.  Such are the things we love most about FF the story and the characters.


 Although there is nothing wrong with preplanning stories or events this is about organic RP that springs from adventuring together traveling together and interacting with one and another.  It is to say we have no idea what can happen.  Everyone is a DM or sorts.  Short of how each other meets nothing is planned prior.


I did scripted RP on STO and being an avid Trek fan I loved it. But I locked when things went off course.  The best RP I had was on SWG where things just happened.  Yeah we had general ideas but nothing was planned.  If we wanted to do something that night we talked about it in character and went and did it as characters.  Other times we just sat and talked not about our pasts but live as our characters saw it while in character.


That is what is being suggested here.  If we get a good response we may do a shell.  If not we are happy to have tried.  Diversity is what makes the world great.  That is why I like everyone here.  We may not all agree but we love that we all have a place to be.


So what are we looking for?


Here is where the title of this post comes in.  We have the samurai and the witch.  Now we seek to add to the remaining classic FF character types.  Where is the strong warrior viking seekkng their next honorable victory?  Where is the wise sagely priest who seeks knowledge?  Where is the assassin ninja seeking their next target?  Where is crafty pirate treasure hunter looking for their next score?


Are any of these adventure types you?  Perhaps you are a villain trying to thwart these six adventurers?  Please reply if any of these types apply to you.  No need to worry about your PCs race or gender.  Let's just see what if anyone we can get.


It is said you will never know what can be if you do not try.  This is my attempt.  Will you try as well?


Thank you for your time and interest in reading this.  It is greatly appreciated.  Please positive comments only.  I thank you in advance for your understanding and civility.

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I can definitely rp the bar!!! Drum roll?


I enjoy free rp I am very good at staying in character and thinking on my feet. I would love to partake. I can see myself as 

orthae the sage and know it all, daring, leader type who is more chaotic good then anything. My heart knows what's right but I may not follow every law.


Orthae is elvish for light. Like he believes he is the shining light for all who can't fight back!

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Thank you my friend for your interest and your reply.  


It seems this roll of the dice has paid off.  Whom shall be the next to answer the call?


We are half way there.


Where is the true innocent that has untapped powers but a soft smile and a pure heart like Terra in FF6 or Rinoa in FF8?


Where is the ignamatic lurker who says little but performs great acts of skill like Shadow in FF6 or Vincent in FF7?


Where is the battle tested warrior with a strong heart and a hearty laugh like Galuf in FF5 or Cyan in FF6?


The Viking Warrior the Ninja Assassin and the Adventurous Pirate remain.


Who are you?


Thanks again to all who have taken time to look at this post and to those who have remained respectful of its content.

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I am very honored and humbled by the interest and response this thread has gotten.  


I look forward to working with those who have posted here when we go live and to anyone else lurking who wants to reply.


I encourage you to post here if interested.


Thanks to all!

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Ooh! This looks extremely fun! Is this still happening? Also, is the (plucky) Assassin position still open? If so, I would love to volunteer for that!


Just out of curiosity, is this going to be 3 girls/3 guys as in the FF series?

Yes and Yes!


The Assassin position is still available and I would like to hear some of your ideas on that position/character.


We are trying to keep it split down the middle for gender, but we need more males to make an even split.


You may also want to look at the linkshell forum thread under The Seven, as it better explains this concept now.

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