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The Matron's Wish - A White-listed Event [05/13 8PM EDT]

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[align=center]The Matron's Wish - An initiative from the Matron's Reach[/align]



May 13th - 8PM EDT

Location is kept secret.[/align]


[align=center]The Matron’s Wish is a social event in preparation, and an initiative of the Matron’s Reach. 


The Matron’s Reach is an in-character linkshell of healers, akin to the Médecins Sans Frontières of Eorzea. We possess three clinics in each residential areas in the shape of apartments, and do free consultations on Mondays. As opposed to our open events, this one would be white-listed.


We are looking for wealthy characters to simulate a charity event, thus making it a themed event. Entrepreneurs, FC leaders, Ishgardian nobles, rich merchants, characters with higher military ranking…Think of it as a venue open exclusively for Eorzea’s highest spheres of generous donors and sponsors. What’s better for your image than giving money to help the poor and the sick? No OOC gil will be required or demanded!


If you are interested, please fill our form here. All invitations will be handed out one week before the event.



What are we going to discuss, once we're there? Whatever you’d like! The Matron’s Reach will be presented, and there might be music, and IC raffles with rare OOC items to win.


What’s in it for wealthy characters? Social recognition. Nobles and merchants like to put on a show; either your character truly cares for the people, or they just want people to think their care. Money is no issue!


I have no considerably wealthy characters. Can I roleplay a rich merchant NPC to attend? Yes! Though we would like to form long-lasting network relationships, so regular player characters will be favored.


My character made money and climbed the social ladder doing illegal activities. As long as it is not ‘well known’, you are most welcome.


Where will the event occur? Somewhere in the Shroud. The location is kept secret until invitations are handed out.


Does that mean there’ll be a bouncer checking names? Yes. And that means you can pass as someone you are not, but we suggest asking staff and the concerned person first if you would like to go down that road. OOC communication is very important to pull that one!



[align=center]If you have any additional questions, please post below, or send me, Meishali, a PM! Thank you for reading.



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